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As seen in the video above you can see the E's hitbox isn't on the carpet. While testing the skin I had assumed the reason for the damage delay was the PBE ping increase but it's sadly not the case.

It appears the carpet moves faster than other Kog skins Es leaving the hitbox behind. This leads to instances where the carpet hits and then a half second later you notice the damage tick. At the edge of the skillshot there's also situations where the E will visually hit but since the hitbox isn't accurate simply won't deal damage.

This is a bit of a shame since this imo is Kogs best skin easily topping the likes of Pug'Maw or Hextech but simply feels unusable due to the E delay.

The only thing I can think would work would be to decrease the carpets speed slightly so it can accurately stick to the hitbox.

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Originally posted by KXylo

I'll be requesting for Riot Flair on Monday.
For the longest time I didn't really think that I can bring any value to you guys on reddit, but I think I can now. I work on the skins team as a sound designer, and whenever we receive feedback like these we go over it and see if we have the bandwidth and capability to fix it.

Notified the team that worked on Arcanist Kog'maw. Thanks for bringing this to the light.