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Why should other players who are not master (dia or below) be duo queue in my game when I'm not able to do so myself? How is the game fair when two possibly master or above players are able to smurf duo in my game when I'm supposed to be in an elo where everyone is playing solo queue?

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It's based on MMR as well stopping people duoing.

To have it happen you must have extremely low masters MMR and you probably had a long queue time to start having ~d2 MMR duo thrown in

We lowered the MMR threshold this patch to make it harder for this to happen, since we did see some examples of duoing accounts that looked like they should've been cut off earlier. If anyone sees more examples after the most recent patch I'm happy to take a look.

EDIT: Got the timing wrong, it will probably go live next Wednesday, but anyways yeah we're being stricter on this.

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