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And with that Shyvana skin, the 1000 day club is empty...for now

EDIT: Nevermind, Wukong's been in there for a week, and Rumble just joined.

It’s true. We’re close to no one being in the club anymore. Still more work to do. :)

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Originally posted by inahos_sleipnir

thank you for sacrificing profits to keep this subreddit more bearable

While I’m sure people look at the decisions we make in terms of skins and believe we exclusively look at short term results, the real story is that it’s also about long term trust.

Will a Ivern skin be hugely impactful to Riot’s bottom line? No, probably not. Do we think that there are players and fans of that champion that we want to maintain a long term relationship with and continue to build trust with? Yes absolutely.

Not every company will make these decisions the same way. Many places I’ve worked think only about financial results for the next quarter and nothing else. That’s why I love working here at Riot, because there’s a broader view that’s always focused on building something long term with players.

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Originally posted by inahos_sleipnir

must be nice to work at a place where you can afford to do that, I'm at a different gaming company where we don't have that budget leeway lol

Tight budgets can be very tough, create tension, and make it hard to do all the things you want to do. They also force organizations to have clear priorities and going through the process of narrowing down to what’s critical is important. That last bit is always a valuable muscle to build and will always be useful.

Long way of saying. I feel you, it’s tough, but hopefully you take something out of it in the long run. :)