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When listening to the LCK cast it gives me the feeling of listening to a legitimate sport which League should be at this point. It's like listening to NBA commentary.

The casters don't try to hype every single moment of the game which means when the real hype stuff happens you as a viewer feel more excited. The LEC/LCS casts try so hard to talk hype when nothing worth of hype is happening which drains all the energy for when actual cool stuff is happening.

Also the LCK cast doesn't try to handhold the viewer. They expect you have understanding of the gameplay and not wasting time on basic mechanics it leads to a higher quality cast. Imagine if you watch the NBA and the casters are trying to explain to you what a 3 point shot is. A lot of the time it feels like the LEC is casted with the assumption the viewers have no game understanding.

Listening to T1 vs HLE right now and the cast is just a universe away from what we get in LEC/LCS. Not that I think the on screen talent in the LEC isn't as good, their approach to doing it is just inferior.

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I agree, LCK casters for a long time have been super chill which I especially appreciated when I lived in NA and the games were on at midnight.

I think the crew there is amazing but I wanna shout out my LEC boys too cause they've gone through a big style change. Compared to a few years back Medivedi and Caedrel/drakos are just... funny?! idk i basically ghosted league last year except for the big matches and the duos have relaxed a ton (especially in regular season) and its really made me enjoy watching league again