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Hi all! I know it has been awhile since my last post but I wanted to give a brief update to the 1000 Day Skin Club. As of today's PBE announcements I am bittersweetly retiring Skarner as the Club President finally receiving a new skin after 2025 days. Yes he actually broke the 2000 day milestone! Along with other recent skin announcements over the last month, the club has been cut down drastically to only 6 members. To put it in perspective around the same time last year there were 19 champs in the club.


As always here is the link to the chart I consistently curate and update. As you can see our newest club president is Shyvana and her current club mates are Kalista, Azir, Quinn, Ornn (sadly) and Gragas.

Other champs that are close to membership or remembership in some cases include Wukong, Rumble, Cho'Gath and Xin Zhao.

As always feel free to leave any comment or skin ideas in the comments. Let us all support Shyvana in her new endeavors as Club President! Thank you for you time.

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Originally posted by Durgens226

Ofc instead of asking for a Shyvana skin everyone will just say "She is getting a rework soon, dont worry". With nothing being confirmed for her btw

Everyone will get a turn don’t you worry.