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my two cents

  1. Grievous Wounds used to be a a fixed percentage - so the name had value.
    1. In the past (before 2 years or so): Applying Grievous Wounds == Applying 40% healing reduction. The 40% reduction was part of the name.
    2. Now: we have items/abilities saying "apply 40% Grievous Wounds" or "Apply 60% Grievous Wounds". This makes the special naming obsolete as it simply means "healing reduction" - without a constant number associated to it.
  2. Clarity wise, most other effects are intuitive.
    1. Airborne, slowed, stunned, rooted, etc' are all very basic to understand intuitively. So is "Healing Reduction" compared to "Grievous Wounds".

What do you think?

I think with how mandatory anti-healing has become, renaming it can actually make it more intuitive for newer players to build. This guy heals ==> lets go Healing Reduction. Or maybe some better name.

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I love this thread! I proposed doing the same thing as I worked on the item tooltips last year. However. Other designers pointed out that "Healing reduction" sounded like it could stack, whereas a champ can only have 1 "Grievous wounds" debuff on them at once (taking the most severe one as priority). This is why.

Great question!

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Originally posted by UPSxACExUPS

And it actually makes sense ngl. If i wass a newbie and heard "healing reduction" i would think its stackable too

Yeah I thought the switch to Healing Reduction was a slam dunk and then a smarter designer than me pointed it out. So there you have it! I did however add a description of Grievous Wounds to a the items that apply it, so I got that much. 🙂