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Jhin's W looks like a projectile - but it's not a projectile. Jhin's W is blocked by Wind Wall - but it's not a projectile. Despite being blocked by Wind Wall, Jhin's W is not blocked by Samira's Blade Whirl.

Why in the world is this ability so needlessly confusing?

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Originally posted by FrigidFlames

It's designed to be treated as a projectile in every way, even though it's technically coded as hitscan. Yasuo's wind wall was hardcoded to block it.

And then, uhh, Samira came out and they just forgot to do the same with hers? And never bothered to since? I don't think it was a legitimate design decision, just an oversight or maybe some weird technical issue.

This is a known bug but the fix is extremely difficult. That's no excuse, but this is something that we would like to fix eventually. To put it simply, the way Yasuo's Windwall interacts with Jhin W is easier because it is a straight line, while Samira's is a lot more difficult because it is a circle and moves with her.

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Originally posted by Caenen_

What's the primary issue, the detection of Samira W or the line after which the Jhin W should exclude targets?

I don't know the exact specifics but essentially Yasuo W creates and destroys minions very fast when it interacts with Jhin W in order to simulate the projectile. Samira W would have to do that in a circle, while moving dynamically which just... isn't as feasible. We would likely have to come up with a new solution.