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Riot claimed that they have found an ability to detect soft inting. Obviously there are people that are also just really really bad at lower tiers and they are not just gonna ban all bronze and iron players. This is literally something everyone has been asking for for years and now. If you are against it, you are part of the problem. If the system is finding false positives, they will kinda have to fix it. My guess is that it will be pretty easy to soft int still, especially below masters. It will do a lot of good and if you are scared, good.

Edit: Rioter response clarifying what they are targeting

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Currently the version of "soft inting" we're looking at is the frustrating and obvious stuff we dont have defenses against right now. For example:

  • Following your jungler around and taking their camps
  • Selling all your items to buy 6 tears
  • Wasting your summoner spells.

These actions are difficult to detect right now, and even more difficult if the player does them for a bit and then returns to playing normally. Our goal with this round is to get some of these actions picked up by our system so they are punished appropriately.

We dont currently have plans to action against the version of this that is just 'my teammate is playing poorly.'

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Originally posted by kevthegamedev

Love the first two bullets, would love to see those behaviors gone. Not sure on the third - it happens rarely, but I have fat fingered a flash or ult before. Would not be thrilled if I was punished for a rare lack of coordination.

Making sure we aren't punishing false positives is a big part of what makes this work hard.

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Originally posted by BlueBilberry

I am glad to hear this.

But as opposed to taking just a punishment approach, has there been any thought about providing LP/MMR mitigation for the teammates affected by the inting/griefing?

LP mitigation for feeding was added by my team earlier this year. It's good, and we like the effect it has on players.

But that only helps the players playing ranked games, and doesn't remove the frustrating experience of playing with someone who isn't trying to win. I think we need both systems, but detection is where we're starting.

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Originally posted by DefinitionTrue2270

Are you using stuff like deep learning for these systems?

Not on this first pass, no.