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Re: Toplane. The LoL Pls was filmed a few months ago, so our plans for the rest of the year weren't solidified. We're trying to find solutions for top that don't have bot lane swap or create degenerate lane incentives (eg. alcove objective). Unclear on ship time line as a result. There are also a bunch of higher level design considerations that prevent us from solving the problem with a heavy handed solution, like complexity of game, intuitiveness of design, within role balance, strategic incentives, etc.

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Originally posted by A_Very_Horny_Zed

A few MONTHS ago?

The yearly update was filmed a few MONTHS ago?


Hi yes. A senior person who handles the scripts for these here!

I am not a League dev. I don't make the game. So I have no idea what the teams are working on until I talk to them. The process is:

  1. Talk to League leadership to understand a high level view of what we want to talk about. (This is a week or so to account for schedules and PTO.)

  2. Reach out to the development teams themselves to fill in the details. This takes a pretty big chunk of our time because we want to make sure we're not too disruptive of their time. For example Phroxzon is the lead on Summoner's Rift Team, and his team does active game balance, Preseason, midscopes, and they write stuff like Quick Gameplay Thoughts and Patch Notes. They're busy folks and I gotta give them space to do their jobs!

  3. My fellow writers and I get started actually writing the thing. We take everything the devs give us and put it into a script that sounds cohesive, coherent, and has good structure.

  4. Feedback time baby! The devs, teams, leadership, and marketing folks all give feedback on everything. We make adjustments and iterations. This can go on and on and on.

  5. Filming days! We film with production crew. This is a few hours per shoot.

  6. Post-production is the biggest amount of work. We shoot for a few hours. Our editor attends the shoot (virtually because of COVID) and usually writes down which takes are best. But even then sometimes someone will look off camera for a second so we gotta get creative. Then in here is b-roll capture. We work with the amazing gameplay capture artists who stage the suggested gameplay capture like "Kassadin places ward in bot lane tri from dragon pit."

Post also includes color correction, sound editing, all of the visual effects, AND feedback! We might get to a point where we think we've got it good and then have to cut entire swathes of the video because of any number of things: feedback, stuff going on in the community, etc.

And then as someone mentioned localization is the final step. Not only do the teams need to localize all of the spoken words, the SRTs need to be organized as well.

And (I guess really final step) is figuring out WHEN to publish it. Loads of different teams at Riot have stuff to publish as well, and Star Guardian was an active event for a huge amount of the summer, with tons of content going out left and right. So figuring out the best date to release sometimes means waiting a bit longer.

But yes these get filmed far in advance. For example, Season Start dev video scripts are written before Preseason releases and filmed in the first or second week it's live.

Hope this gives some clarity!

Edit to add: I checked back on my calendar. We filmed at the end of June, so months is kinda right if you go by months but date-wise it was about a month and 2 weeks!

During this time don't forget we have Riot summer break. And even if we film that doesn't mean post begins the next day!

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Originally posted by Ghisteslohm

Thanks for the write up, interesting to glimpse behind the curtains.

We filmed at the end of June, so months is kinda right if you go by months but date-wise it was about a month and 2 weeks!

That seems reasonable. Phroxzon tweet made it sound like it was filmed in the beginning of the year.

When Reav3 says in the beginng "for some reason they choose me to talk about all of LoL this time" is that something that comes from Reav3 or do you carefully place each individual word onto his lips? Or is that something he chooses as introduction in step 4?

Because it sounds genuine but seems like everything is planned.

Thanks Phroxzon lol. Ya tbf when we started the process it was months since scripting and prep work is probably another 4 weeks. But the filming was about 6 weeks ago.

Reav3 writes his own scripts. And we were kind of trying to imply that he has his new role of Lead Producer of Gameplay (sorry I don't remember if this is 100% the correct title now).

In previous videos he was always Lead Producer of Champions, but he got a promotion this year to this new role so he oversees all of League gameplay initiatives including Champions team! So he was implying that now he doesn't just get to talk about champions, but ALL of League.