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No info on why their application was denied yet, could be human error on the part of their org. Hoping that they got their visa issues sorted so that we can finally get the VCS back at worlds

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Edit 2: saigon buffalos will fly to hanoi to apply for their visas to mexico and the US. Source: https://twitter.com/ThanhDat712/status/1568580248169771012?s=20&t=Mo6wch2QHb1eeoFABsWoMw

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Us visa is just ultra elitist. If you never go abroad before, auto reject. You don’t seem rich, reject. Your distant relatives got rejected before, reject. They don’t like how you look, reject. They aren’t feeling well that day, reject.

Posting here as person, not as Riot employee - I don't do anything in esports so I have no power to effect change here:

I recently got my US work visa. I originally was approved by the USCIS in December for work, 2 weeks after applying, but it took 2 months to get a visa interview and another 6 months after that to go through the hoops.

It's very difficult to get a US visa even if you tick all the requirements, like I did.

For temporary student or work visas, it's even harder, because they are non-immigrant single intent visas; you have to prove you have the funds to support yourself in the US and prove that you intend to return home, which can be quite difficult and is objectively subjective.

Plenty of countries need immigration reform but it's next to impossible to enter the US for work these days, even if you don't want to immigrate, even with good immigration lawyers