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Imagine having your announcer be your main champ or your favourite lol caster, it would be pretty sick.

The last time riot "openly" thought about adding this feature was a couple years ago on a Tweet and then...nothing. I can understand that map skins can impact clarity and that for each one they'll have to do X variations where X is the number of drakes in the game, but that has nothing to do with voice/announcer packs.

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They actually amended and said announcer packs are no longer being worked on nor on the roadmap and apologized for teasing it.

Bellissimoh :Riot: Mentioned it before, it’s not on any of our immediate roadmaps. Things have changed a lot during the last year of quarantine. Honestly a bit of a flub on my end to allude to it so prematurely.

It’s this. Announcers are not on any immediate roadmaps for now.

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