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Watching Arcane has got me really emotionally invested in the world of Runeterra. I have played League for straight 8-9 years but never really got into the lore nor did I know it could be this beautiful. I am sure RIOT will continue making the series and I can't imagine where it will end.

My wish is to see everything RIOT has to offer in this Runeterra universe before I die. (this sounds wonky I know but this is how much I am invested in this, like really). My request to riot games would be to provide us with a timeline of their upcoming series based on these lores. Like what stories they are willing to cover next and when they will release, just like MARVEL does, a freaking TIMELINE of the upcoming MOVIES/SERIES. So that, I can look forward to these days with excitement in heart.

Arcane is just amazing and I just hope it was a series that would continue for endless hours.

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thats very nice of you to say. folks like you are exactly the people we want to make proud with what we do.