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I’m Sev, and have worked with TSM’s League of Legends team over the past four years; starting as a Position Coach and ending as an Assistant Coach. We parted ways in September 2020 following the end of the Summer Split Playoffs.

In this report I have compiled the Win Rate Changes from 11.2 -> 11.3 for all the champions that received buffs/nerfs in patch 11.2.

I will have been posting League of Legends related content on a weekly bases at SevAnalysis, ranging from scouting reports, champion builds, teamfight examples, draft statistics and much more. If anyone has any suggestions or feedback, please leave a comment below! :D

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I actually send out an internal email that's pretty darn similar to this every patch. Lookin good

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Originally posted by yehiko

since you already do it, just post it here every patch :D

Maybe I can post the meme I attach to it every week :)

Not sure we'd be willing to give low context data out biweekly (there's lots of weirdness with patch to patch data, especially early on in a patch)

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Originally posted by yehiko

add me to your email chain and ill post it as non riot data :D


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Originally posted by Necroside

What are the chances Veigar gets another pass to be looked at for follow-up changes if it doesn't do anything for his mid-lane play? Seeing how his current buffs are going to help support Veigar out more than mid.

I suspect the current changes are gonna help mid Veigar more but if he really doesn't get any help there I could see followup

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Originally posted by SkeletonJakk

Is there any hope for another look at bruiser itemisation outside of goredrinker and steraks?

and also how is kled performing rn? because after the nerfs to GD steraks and rav his W/r d+ dropped to 48% from 51%.

Doing some light exploration on other items

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Originally posted by Soxviper

What do you think about Sylas not improving whatsoever?

Happens a ton, sometimes it's the rest of the system/champion moving. Sometimes its playrate going way up depressing winrate for a while. Sometimes its weird stuff like a new build/max becoming optimal and people messing up. Sometimes it's just lots of power in one elo and not in another

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Originally posted by SkeletonJakk

anything on kled?

Sorry to sound pushy, but he does feel kinda bad atm.

Iirc a lot of people are building him wrong but if he's bad i believe we'll get to him

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Originally posted by Soxviper

How do you feel about Sylas not being able to draintank because of how strong GW are now? If I remember correctly, you were the one who did his mini rework a year ago, and you used the words drain tank in describing how you wanted him to play out.

You got the wrong guy, sorry. I think Sylas is better than some champs at navigating grievous because he can actually get out of fights, that being said he's still getting hit by it at the end of the day

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Originally posted by Zoli_Ben

Hey Phlox! Sorry to bother, huge stuffs to report in from todays PBE build!

I see that Muramana and Ravenous hydra has been fixed for *certain* champions on todays PBE and Runaan's hurricane. The affected champions are: Katarina R (for Ravenous hydra), Warwick R (for Ravenous hydra), Urgot W (for Muramana).

Can you please forward this post to whoever did todays Ravenous hydra and Muramana changes?

-Urgot W does not apply Muramana/Ravenous to secondary targets *at all* in Purge mode if he has Runaan's hurricane Muramana and/or Ravenous hydra) (I am giving you my soul if you can make that change happen) the issue in its full glory. Here is when Runaan's + Muramana worked on Urgot W in patch 10.24.

-Sterak's Gauge and Phage regen is non-accounted for more than one champions, meaning you regen same 1v1 as 1v5.

-Viego Q, Master Yi Passive sometimes apply these correctly, sometimes not.

-Lucian Passive does not apply Ravenous hydra OR Muramana at all.

-Yorick Tear/Manamune stacking broke as shown here. Here is 11.04 version working properly.

-Warwick R ONLY grant him *6\* Tear of the Goddess stack at all (should consume 3 charges like it applies any on-hit 3 times, so should be 18)

-Manamune, Tear of the Godess, Archangel's staff stacking are still not consume charges properly unless the on-hit is from distinct source. Here is Aphelios doing it correctly in Onslaught. And Urgot W clearly not doing it correctly.

-Guinsoo's Rageblade Seething strike cannot proc Muramana twice in melee range.

-Guinsoo's Rageblade Seething Strike not working on Ravenous hydra.

-Sunfire Aegis Immolate is still being reduced on Aphelios Onslaught, Katarina R and Urgot W on-hit modifiers.

Late additions:

-Jayce can only consume Tear/Archangel's staff charages if he crits in ranged form.

-Kayle ranged E can't proc Kraken Slayer if the attack preceeding it is basic attack, regardless if it is melee or ranged (melee E procs Kraken Slayer fine)

-Yone Q3 if crits does not trigger Navori Quickblades Deft Strikes (no 20% reduced CD from it, despite Yasuo Q3 working with it)

-Yasuo Q+E does not trigger Navoro Quickblades Deft Strikes anyhow (not for Q1, Q2, Q3)

Sorry for this emergency call, but I act always when the iron is hot.

Have a nice day!

Tyvm, will pass this along

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Originally posted by Zoli_Ben

I don't know if you sent the list yet, but looks like I gotta be removing the Black Cleaver stuff, given the latest PBE changes haha.

Yeah no more passive to be broken :^ )

Hopefully Urgot likes this cleaver