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Not sure why this was even in place, I don't take conq on any champ for the healing I take it for the extended damage and stacking damage. It would be cool to see how much damage a game I do with that rune alone instead of seeing some healing number that doesn't really mean much

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Riot already said this is near impossible to add because of just how many forms of damage scale off of its Adaptive force. It’s not just a simple “full conq damage - damage”, because then you’d also need to account for damage levels at each individual stack.

This. I would REALLY like for this to be damage rather than healing as well but because it's based off adaptive it's not really possible without the cost being high.

Every damage calculation would need to go through a filter of "of how much damage would this have done with X less adaptive" where X changes with how many stacks you have. And with that applying to every instance of damage (including DoTs like Darius Bleed and Liandries) it's not a wise use of PC/server resources.

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Sudden Impact also only gives you stats (lethality and mpen) and it still shows damage.

Pen is far easier to calculate since it's just a % increase/decrease in damage that is the same for every spell/auto attack of the same damage type.

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What about uptime at max stacks? Or both: uptime at max stacks + healing done so that it's easier to tell how often you're fully stacking Conqueror and getting its power along with how much you're pushing your advantage at max stacks with the healing from it.

Uptime at max stacks might be a decent alternate stack to track.

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How about something else that sounds.. a bit easier - additional damage dealt at max stacks?

Even that would be somewhat of an useful stat

As others have mentioned; there's no way for it to tell you how much additional damage it did at max stacks. For example, if you Syndra Q with liandries, it would need to snapshot the AP ratio of both your Q and liandries, as well as your other runes and items, then simulate the damage as if you didn't have the adaptive, and do that every single tick of damage. This is also not counting other outputs that Conqueror helps: Healing/shielding that scales off AD/AP. Riven/Swain for example get a lot of value from conqueror that isn't tied to how much damage you deal. It's just not really feasable.