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Thank you for the interview Tom, and thanks to anyone that read this. It's kind of awkward trying to share this personal journey in a way that hopefully encourages discussion without crossing the line into "look at me" territory.

I hope the intent is clear, speaking about mental health and seeking help can only lead to good things. I want to try lower the stigma around talking about these topics even if only a little.

Can I also say thank you to all the positive support when I was away and when I returned. This community has been nothing but inspiring to me and I hope to entertain and be part of the club as long as we're all having fun together!!!!


I've been asked a few times about "high school" and answered this lower down in the thread. I was prescribed to a day clinic or day hospital but don't like saying it that way for my own feelings.

"A slightly easier way of thinking about a mental health clinic.

I was enrolled in a day clinic but allowed to go home at the end of each day. I don't like saying I went to an institution or mental health facility / day hospital so instead of thought about it in a way that made it more understandable and for me, more exciting.

I'm enrolled in a special course to learn about myself, not assigned to a mental health clinic.

This is a pretty intense form of treatment and only for those in pretty severe need, prior to this approach 1on1 or group therapy or alternative methods happen or take place before day hospitals like I went through"

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Most people can't even talk to a doctor these days let alone have the privilege to take 3 months off of work to work on themselves

100% understand this and I can relate. I grew up in South Africa where healthcare is very similar to America, it's so expensive.

I'm fortunate to live and work in Germany and healthcare here is absolutely next level, I sincerely hope more countries can develop in a similar way.

I know I'm very fortunate, and I think it's still more helpful to share than to keep it to myself in my position.

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what is a mental health high school ?

A slightly easier way of thinking about a mental health clinic.

I was enrolled in a day clinic but allowed to go home at the end of each day. I don't like saying I went to an institution or mental health facility / clinic so instead of thought about it in a way that made it more understandable and for me, more exciting.

I'm enrolled in a special course to learn about myself, not assigned to a mental health clinic.

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I'm glad you are in a better place now!

Just out of curiosity: What you described sounds like a day hospital to me (I've been in one, too). Why did you not call it that?

I updated my answer to be more specific and address that.

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Didn't mean that as a quick shot on you man, I'm glad you're better and that you're sharing your journey. The more people that talk about this stuff the better.

I didn't take it as a shot, but I feel compelled to acknowledge how fortunate I am, because Germany is literally decades ahead of so many countries when it comes to mental health.

I think it's important to be aware of these things and to be sensitive to them. Very very few people will be able to do what I did, for a plethora of reasons, so I wanted to acknowledge that too. I know I'm in a privileged place, which also makes it more challenging to talk about in some ways

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What Trevor described sounds like a day hospital to me. I was in one for 10 weeks as well and it was really good for me. However, I also want to note you should always first try ambulant therapy first (one on one therapy that is one hour each week or two weeks typically). Day hospitals are intense and should be treated like "heavy medicine": It saves lives when necessary but can do more harm than good if it's not.

Ambulant therapy should also be provided after day hospital.

If anyone needs help with finding therapy here in Germany, you can write me a dm or chat.

This, 10000%

I did one on one sessions for a while and when I 'brokedown' I needed the heavy medicine. I also updated my top post to clarify that I was in a day hospital

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I'm currently in the middle of talking with my therapist about going through a similar thing for my depression/anxiety, and it's very scary to me, and people around me are even more scared for me (and freaking me out) because not enough people talk about it for the good it does.

Thank you for opening up on this subject, for someone public like you it takes a lot of strength to be vulnerable like that.

Deep breaths, slow talking and trust the professionals. I have family members who still don't understand what I went though, struggle to digest my story and the process I went through and it's hard.

But the people that understand and the personal growth I had in the process is so so worth it. Remember it gets harder and scarier at the start confronting things, but as you trust in the process and learn the skills, if becomes smoother and there is acceptance and peace to be found down the line.

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When I was diagnosed with adult ADHD, only a few people in my family managed to convey a sentiment of understanding. The rest were a little bit more abashed or confused. However, they didn't judge me or anything, and I realized I don't need them to understand it. I quietly do my thing in my private life, and it doesn't really affect any relationships with family.

I had to answer some questions a couple times, but I know they were just curious and trying to bridge that gap of understanding, because they cared about being able to relate to me. In the end, I don't think they really understood, but I know their inquiring came from well-meaning intentions, and gradually things moved on after that.

So in the event you have a similar situation, just wanted to communicate that it can be quite alright if family members don't understand it. Not saying that you have to be okay with it, but just sharing how it turned out for me. However, the caveat is I've reached a point where I'm in a better equilibrium and not needing support from extended family, and I understand these circumstances may be different for others and their families, which is also normal.

Thank you for sharing. I totally relate on so many levels.

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Hi Quickshot, is there any way I could reach you with a private question? I am sorry this is just out of the blue but was just curios, I have always admired you and wanted to ask something

Shoot me a DM 😜 I'll try to reply if I'm able!

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"quickshot is taking some time off"

So hard.

Totally understand where you're coming from, and frankly I wasn't willing or able to make any statement.

If fans inferred anything with or without my comment, that's not on me. I made calls that mattered to me first, and I wouldn't have done it any different looking back. If anyone commented on my leave without my blessing that wouldn't be right either, so all my friends and colleagues supported me in private where I needed it most.

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So just to clarify, you were committed to a mental health facility

Yup. It's called the mental health institute in Berlin.

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As a healthcare professional (not a psychiatrist), I'd like to add something on the topic, for anyone to whom it might interest:

People's awareness towards mental health issues has increased a lot over the past few years, and that's tremendously positive, but that has also lead to some new problems: A lot of the emotions we feel towards certain aspects of our daily lives are not synonym with illness, but we experience them all the same. They're healthy mechanisms.

Feeling down is not the same as having a depression. Feeling anxious is not the same as having anxiety disorder. Feeling stressed is not the same as burnout.

Why is this important to remember? Well, it's unquestionably better to have mild symptoms that don't fit the criteria for a disease and seek out help, in order to sort things out or to prevent those feelings from escalating into something serious. What's a lot scarier is the opposite: people like influencers or famous personalities, or even our friends (for example) might overblow some of those common and healthy emotions as a disease, and people will relate to them and try to emulate what they did in order to overcome an entirely different problem, that needs an entirely different approach. It's good that we talk about our problems, but let us not discredit or try to compare our problems with someone else's.

Here are some common symptoms of prevalent medical conditions that should make you seek out medical attention:

Depression: feeling down most of the time/lack of interest in activities that you previously enjoyed, changes in sleeping patterns (insomnia most commonly, but feeling sleepy all the time aswell), changes in eating habbits, social isolation, feeling like your memory/concentration is slower, suicidal thoughts.

Generalized anxiety disorder: feeling disproportionately anxious towards events that shouldn't elicit such a response, persistent feelings of anxiousness towards severals domains of your day to day life, without specific triggers, insomnia.

I don't feel qualified to explain Burnout, but I would like to point out the common overlap with depression. If you're feeling overwhelmed at work without a specific trigger/period that will predictably solve itself, or if you feel like that burden is creeping itself into other areas of you day to day life, please do seek medical care.

Hang in there, fellas!

What an exceptional post. Thank you so much for sharing.

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Love the positive framing and adjusting your own lens to view the experience in such a novel way. I'm definitely going to pass it along if that's ok with you.

Please do, and explore the notion in a way that makes sense with whomever you're talking to. I found joy in this approach and also found it easier to communicate

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Trust me, as someone struggling with his own issues, it always helps to see public figures you like opening up. Makes one feel less alone and lowers the stigma as you said. Might be 2022 but it still isn't easy to talk about these things.

Glad to see you back and hoping you keep getting better and better!

Stick with it, I'm not there with you directly, but we're walking in parallel down the same therapy path. We can get stronger and more resilient to deal with whatever lays ahead.

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Well he did it himself, he wasn’t involuntarily committed

Correct on both fronts. It was voluntary, but at the point emergency hospital psychological staff "very strongly recommended it" I wasn't far from it being involuntary so felt the urgency and had the desire to opt into this type of program

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The weak fall.

You failed at being edgy, your comment is weak and it's got me grinning at how pathetic this attempt was.

Move along. We don't need or want your kind here.

I'm only commenting for the upvotes for me, and down votes for you.

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Must be nice to have work let you take 6 months off :(

"let" is a strong word, I'm fortunate employment law in Germany protects me, not everyone has German healthcare at their back! I know that for sure.

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Ohey there QS! You have become my favourite caster ever since the first time I heard you at Worlds-3. Even when I stopped following LoL Esports due to lack of interest, I always found time to check in whenever you were on. Your energy has always been something out of this world. I'm really happy to hear good news from you.

There's just one question we need answered:

How are you feeling? :)

All things considered very good, and this thread, your comment and everyone that has contributed. It's boosted my mood immensely!

My missus and I are dealing with covid at the moment, but we're doing just fine and both happy emotional at this article and the response.

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I'm enrolled in a special course to learn about myself, not assigned to a mental health clinic.

I've quoted this to half a dozen people and it's not even noon. What a fantastic way to put it.

Haha I'm so glad to hear that. It's my job to frame things in a way that people may enjoy or connect to, so I applied the same logic to my in patient stay at a day clinic and frame it for myself friends and family in a slightly more approachable way.

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Thank you for the advice, I'm open to trying stuff (I'm at 8 different drugs tried), I just have social anxiety and what they offered me is mostly in group with other people so that's why I've been shaky about it, but I think I will build up the courage to try it.

Group therapy was super super hard at first, but I had a major major breakthrough sharing my story and seeing their reaction which helped me understand how certain things from growing up in South Africa had been repressed. I could only confront them after seeing other patients basically break down crying heading my story, and I was like "wtf I don't even feel that way" I went to 1on1 after that and broke down hard because I began to realise how much I'd packaged away and compartmentalized. I don't think I'd have learned it quickly enough without seeing other people in a group.

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I was in a psychiatric clinic for 7 months in 2018. When I was told I had to be an inpatient because of the severeness of my problems, I was scared as well. But I took the leap of faith and decided to go and it was the best decision of my life. I firmly believe that the right professionals can help so many of us, and I am always happy to see public figures come out and talk about it, because it makes it easier for everyone to seek similar help.

Thank you for sharing. It's terrifying at first, but when you get through the first big downswing and discomfort the world starts to seem brighter and I felt more capable of dealing with things

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It's nice to see succesful people talking about these topics. I have to admit that I used to think that these statements were dishonest when it comes to succesful people because I didn't think they could need it, but now I understand that these things can happen to anyone, and I'm also glad that after +20 years of being a mess I finally decided to look for professional help. As long as you're still here, it's never too late to look for help.

I'm so so so happy to see this comment and this level of self reflection. You're comment is respectful, polite and shows real personal growth in understanding the topic.

I'm proud of you for seeking help and I am even happier we can both share our small stories here together, it's how we can all play a role in meaningful change.

Professional success, fame, money, none of that sh*t matters when it comes to mental health. Every single person can and does struggle with things in life.

Originally posted by Saviorofsong2

He is an extremely privildged elitist person "dont wait till its too late" yeah, most people DO NOT get enough money to be able to take 12 weeks off and check themself into a mental health school then still have their job waiting for them with 6 digit salaries.

This guy doesnt even realize how much better he has it than 99.9% of the people and comes off as a rich douche

I'd appreciate if you read all my comments in this thread.

I also think I have clearly outlined how lucky I am to be able to have done this, I used the words privileged and lucky in my post. If you wanna hate so be it, but don't you dare attack my understanding of my position and country. If I wasn't in Germany, I could not have gone through the treatment or afforded it.

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How do you feel about being part of the CancelCrew with your wife who made forcing Carlos out of the scene happen?

Lol as if our tweets mean more than a board of directors and investors who saw their investment at risk. I understand you're angry, but learn how corporates and business works before coming at people who speak up against actions that deserve being challenged.