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I've played many games against them recently, in Jungle or in other lanes, and sometimes they do poorly and sometimes they do well. However, in almost all of these games, they are just unfun to play against. Their passives do things and are useful, using ultimates are just always unfun to play against for me. It feels like the game (or at least the fights) are centered around them, and I don't feel it's particularly good game design from Riot to be adding more champs.

This isn't even mentioning the regular complaints about champs' kits becoming more "overloaded," with them certainly being no exception as they have a lot of tools at their disposal. I don't know, I love playing this game but I just really don't have a fun gameplay experience against other champions whenever they show up. I don't mind the other parts of their kit, it's really just the passive, the Q, the W, the E, and the R that is just straight up unfun to play against. I guess the idea of playing against champions and having their abilities be used on you is cool on paper, but I don't feel that Riot's execution of the idea was great.

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I was actually having a discussion today with someone about how I think Rumble's ult isn't very good. It just isn't visually clear what it actually does or why it does that.

When Anivia ults, you see a big swirling ice storm and you think "yeah, that's probably going to make me go slow and also hurt me as long as I'm in it.

When Rumble ults, you see a line of rockets land, and then leave behind some fire, and then disappear. I would expect that to do a bunch of up front damage, and then maybe a bit of burning damage over time, or maybe I would expect the rockets to explode at the end and do more damage if I'm on it when they explode.

But that's not how it works. Why does it only do damage over time? Why does it make me go slow at all? Visually, it just doesn't line up very well with what the effect is.

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Originally posted by IWillNameMyChildZoe

what's your op.gg? like really, what's your rank?

Rumble is resourceless which allows him to get fed very easily effectively shitting on both top and mid laners. On top of that his ult is hard zoning and dealing far more damage than Anivia. He doesn't need to land any other ability when he lands his ult, the ult can 100-0 you solely, this is how much dmg it has.

The way you wrote this comment clearly indicates that you haven't played against Rumble any recently (outside of aram) because he's picked only by high elo players desperate for LP.

Did you...did you even read anything I wrote other than “Rumble ult” and “Anivia ult”?

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