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What do you think, is this much better, cleaner, or a downgrade?

Personally i find it much smoother to use, but still unsure about the overall redesign.

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Originally posted by watafuzz

I only ever use the schedule page and this not gonna do much to change that.

Not a fan of having a random ligue auto play or all the wasted space on the page.

Well glad you are liking the schedule page haha!

What kind of other features would you like to see on the home page? This is just our first update, we have other stuff planned for the rest of the year. More improvements to home, as well as hopefully getting into standings to improve that page too.

Would love to hear your thoughts!

Originally posted by SchwarzeNoble1

That's literally the scheduele page with a preview isn't it

Yes, we're definitely porting more of the info from schedule to home. When we were researching the sites the predominant user need is schedule info (when is a match happening, who is playing, what was the result). We wanted to make it as simple as possible to get that info quickly!

Originally posted by mybigredtruck

The biggest issue with the site was how slow it was. It still seems very slow so IDK how much I care about this

Sorry to hear about the frustrations with speed :(

We discovered some problems with our CDN caching right after launch, which unfortunately was causing a lot of slowness. It should be getting better today. Let me know if you're still experiencing issues!

Originally posted by Mysterious-Error-351

The International Events is too big. I measured that there could be 420 fakers at 12px arial font there on my 1920x1080 instead. Much more useful use of space if you ask me. A rough draft here: https://imgur.com/a/better-lolesports-sidebar-hire-me-rito-am-free-jvi80DY

We're wasting so much fakers of space.

Wow why didn't our designers think of us? Escalating this immediately.

Originally posted by itaicool

I hate the redesign but if it means the website is less buggy and I can propely see upcoming games then w/e I just leave it in the background anyway.

Hoping for less issues over time as we make updates. One big bug we recently got fixed was the forced logouts. That one was driving me crazy. Really happy to have it sorted.

What other bugs are you still experiencing?

Originally posted by TheGuy839

I think you did a good job, but at the same time, its very simple and yet not super fast. For content its ftching, shoudnt it be much faster?

Yes for sure! We had some issues with our CDN specifically that were preventing any caching, which really impacted performance. We have been slowly rolling out fixes today that should improve it substantially.

More to do this week though!