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As someone that's dumped on the LCS before for being boring and lacking any form of personality...also had complained about CQ not being there for Worlds, I think credit where credit's due.

This past weekend of LCS has been absolutely phenomenal. As a viewer that had fallen off in the last few years and only checked out the post-thread discussions, this was one of the first years that I actually sat back down and spent my entire day following both LEC and LCS.

What got me to watch this past weekend were actually 3 reasons:

  1. Fudge trash talk. Yes, it worked. I was genuinely interested to see if he could back up his trash talk. If he backed down at the last second if he won, or if he kept up his villain arc, or how he would respond if he lost. I wasn't disappointed, he both played well, and his final words were great, "I told you so" neither too disrespectful like the last time nor was it cheap lip service.
  2. As a fan of "coach LS", I also wanted to see the final result for this team. Were they gonna bomb after all the crazy sh*t concerning their team, or were they somehow gonna make it work? I know to make it to the finals they needed to win, but there was always that feeling of "just a fluke" so this weekend was to answer that question.
  3. Seeing a clip welcoming the old pros. Ngl, as an "LCS boomer" it was something that made me feel obligated to tune in. It was great seeing them, I didn't care too much about them talking (although that was great), but just seeing them there was fun. It's like how whenever I see Hai on LCS, I will always perk up and listen to him, guy made the miracle run through the gauntlet and he earned my respect for it, the same goes for all the other guys this weekend.

Some takeaways:

  • Although there wasn't some big opening ceremony with a live artist performance, it seemed fine. At first, I was a bit let down, but honestly I got over quite quickly when I remembered "The Tongue" and realized "you know what, this is for the better". Of course, I liked the little flashbacks to the past and all that.
  • On the topic of opening ceremony, I need to bring up general production value, it was really good. LS had said it himself but the camerawork and stuff looked very much like it was being shot by a cinematographer and it looked damn good. The stage was also pretty cool and more interesting than previous years imo, felt more expressive like the Valorant stage rather than how it was more subtle in past years.
  • Although it was a 3-0, surprisingly I wasn't that disappointed like past years where I just rooted for SIlver Scrapes. The games felt enjoyable just watching C9 trying to live up to Fudge's boasting and both teams actually played well. My feeling on their performance was that Top, Jg and Adc performed top tier while Mid and Supp performed great, however not at the top of their games. Zven especially needs a bit more time in support imo, but I'm just an armchair analyst talking out my ass.

I think that the general cast performed quite well, be it Dash, MarkZ, Phreak etc. If I had to give a shout-out, I gotta give it to Jackie Felling and the other responsible heads that I don't know the name of (as this is likely a team effort and not just a "one man army" kind of thing). Over the past year, I've taken note of the constant feedback that the team has taken from this sub, and without much delay gone on to implement it into the broadcast (noticing this in Val as well). Things like the triple-lane or even players getting "fined" more, doubtless you guys likely got into talks with the team to let the players be more open. There's still room for improvement, and I don't wanna make this sound like the job is done or "LCS is back baby!" but, credit where credit is due, we (this sub, myself included) always trash on the LCS, so I thought it would be fine to at show my appreciation for a job well done, just like I "appreciate" when you...don't do a good job.

Clap Clap Clap

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This is an absolutely lovely thread. Thank you for taking the time to write it, especially given your feelings on LCS in the past. It absolutely is a team effort and not one person at all. I could disappear and the show would go on as the production team/staff have been doing this for years and are true passionate experts in their craft. I am really happy to see people notice the little things we've been trying to do and testing in advance of next year for the new vision we have for the LCS. We'll keep listening and learning -- these kind of threads are really encouraging for all of us, especially coming off an event where many worked around the clock (in the heat, rain, etc even!) to make the fan experience special.

Thanks and I hope you continue to give us a chance in the future. πŸ’œ

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Originally posted by Randywithout8as

Agree. LCS really stepped up. I know some casters hang out on reddit and have been quietly taking the "feedback" that we all have. I hope those folks see this and can be proud of their improvement. I was a complainer as well, but I'm fully on board now. Don't stop tho. LEC has a super cool vibe as well and I think you can learn from each other.

I don't love the costream limitations. I actually love watching matches live on the riot stream and then rewatching youtube costream highlights (sneaky's editor mvp). I tend to think the costreams make me double dip more than choose between casts.

The casters/talent have been a HUGE part of our internal feedback sessions and they have discussed/suggested many things you all talk about here :)

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Originally posted by Ap_Sona_Bot

As someone who attended in person, there were quite a few issues with the pre-show things in the United Center due to rain on Sunday. Very poor communication from Riot, leaving fans out in the pouring rain for a half hour after telling them to go to a specific gate, and some other issues.

As for the actual games and show, the orientation of the screens made it quite difficult to watch at most points. I was in one of the corner sections and do not think tickets should be sold for those sections, it was that bad.

Overall though, had a fun time, and I agree with most of the comments about production value being high

We're really sorry about that. It's always difficult working with a huge venue when thousands of arena staff and production are scheduled around certain times. An outdoor Fan Fest is always a big risk and unfortunately Saturday was very hot and Sunday was torrential rain. We tried our best to communicate on social and to adjust the arena hours/opening the next day to try to be flexible but as I saw in person, it was still very trying on many fans. We're really sorry about your poor experience with the outdoors and the screens and are absolutely looking at addressing that for the future.

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Originally posted by F8ZE_Maldiny

LCS has been by far better than LEC this year from content to production

While I appreciate the sentiment, both leagues are wildly different with different content and production approaches and we've been trying to collaborate and share across both regions to make the best productions possible for our fans in our respective regions. Hopefully it becomes less so LEC vs LCS etc and more unique in how we each approach building something for our fans in our home regions and we can appreciate awesome production in each! 😍

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Originally posted by deathspate

Job well done.

Thank you πŸ˜­πŸ’œπŸ€

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Originally posted by spazzxxcc12

i want to let you know, emily rand is amazing at what she does and y’all need to treasure her at all costs. the girl loves league of legends from all around the world and you can clearly tell it’s more than a job to her, it’s a passion.

She absolutely is a treasure :) She's told me more about what other leagues are doing and more about the ecosystem than anyone so far I think.