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I noticed some people using the low play rates of Taliyah, Asol, Kled,and other champions that prove unconventional designs don’t sell and champions have to be sexy to make money.

but what people forget is that the kits of many monster champions is themselves niche and unappealing compared to Champions like Yauso or Twisted Fate with more play potential and the ability to more easily carry games.

it’s no mistake that the Youtuber Vars made “why no one plays” and “why everyone plays” videos on popular and unpopular champions with no attention payed to the visual designs.

Rell is a human champion with one of the worse play rates in the game because of her clunky kit. Do you really think Kai’sa would be as popular if she had Vel’Koz’s kit? Kha’Zik has

yes characters being attractive humanoids and having a fun kit is would makes them uber popular.

I also hate that the dichotomy is between “attractive” and “Ugly” champions. like there are more ways to be visual appealing then being generically sexy,

Character Design’s can be appealing without Appealing to the barest of sex appeal. They can be cool looking or cute looking monsters.

Like when I bought Pokémon X as my first video game. I thought the design of Xernias was elegant and beautiful.

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Never forget Darkin Sett

Y'all going to make me live to regret publishing that concept art.

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So thats why you guys dont publish concept art anymore

We still publish it!