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Yeah they say that but didn't give a single example of how that's incorporated into any part of her design. They mention toe walking but didn't actually confirm that Aurora does this. A few comments about how much they thought about it without actually showing how it's included feels pretty empty to me. Why bother mentioning it in the article if you're not gonna demonstrate the point at all?

I explicitly didn't want to list out traits she has because it's a spectrum, right? Everyone's experiences with autism are different. Aurora toe walks, she has physical and verbal stims (which will be visible and audible in-game), when she feels overstimulated she has coping mechanisms like pulling down her hat and up her coat or going into the spirit realm, the spirits are her special interest, she creates her own clothes so she can control the textures, had trouble connecting with other Bryni esp as a youth, etc etc etc.

There's a lot, and a few things are mentioned in the article but are "read-between-the-lines" things. And then I also expressly did not want to call out folks who worked on her and are autistic but do not want to share that with the world due to fear of harassment.

Maybe I should have been more explicit? But I wanted to avoid spending paragraphs just listing out traits because her being autistic isn't the most important thing about her. It's a part of who she is, but isn't the whole.

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when I heard that Kindlejack is the lead artist on Aurora, I recalled that he had a segment in Briar's insights article where he brought up the importance of her feet

didn't expect he would bring it up again lmao

"“I never thought I’d need to google anthro feet—and right after Briar—but I braved the rabbit warren,” Kindlejack laments. “Lagomorphs (read: rabbits, hares, and pikas) are one of the few mammals to have fur on their feet. And they don’t have toe beans or pads! I at least wanted to get the feet right.”

That's WHY we brought it up😎

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kindlejack is my goat, champion of the feet

bro doesn't even like feet, which is the best part of the narrative🤣

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if there's a recorded joke about her having a favorite spoon, my life is yours

I'm sure apothecarie can weigh in, but personally, I believe it has to be a small spoon

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As someone who is autistic thanks for the inclusion and could Ornn be someone on the spectrum too or was he just depressed?

I'm not a narrative writer, so I can't weigh in in terms of canon lore :X

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I absolutely adore this approach to the whole topic and can only thank you for what is in my eyes a really well done and multifaceted autism rep. Can't wait to see and hear her ingame soon but my stars is the character endearing. Been a few years since i was this excited for a new release.

Thank you! I relied a lot on several folks on the dev team, as well as some amazing other autistic people at Riot who were my sensitivity readers and gave me incredible feedback and guidance. We also worked with an external autism representation org to get feedback as well as guidance.

Even as someone who is neurodivergent (ADHD), it's hard to know how to approach. I learned a lot over this process! I see some things I'd change now in retrospect, but that's life. :)

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If its a rabbit why does its tail look like a squirrel tail

Vastaya are an amalgamation of animals, not necessarily a single one. So she may have a bit of squirrel in there.

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Bro needs to reconsider his opinions on feet

y'all need jesus