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Alex is a fantastic designer, and its definitely sad to lose him. Just to clarify though, this is part of the same team shift announced a while ago - people are just settling into their new roles at different paces and announcing accordingly.

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Is there somewhere we can see who's getting the new roles? Feels like we're only seeing people leave, not join.

I just heard about a new hire today actually, and got to catch up with a new person on the community team as well the other week. You’ll be seeing more people announcing they’re leaving than joining in the short term though - since this is all related to that earlier announcement.

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Hey Dan,

Sorry I'm a little confused at this, that team shift was meant to be towards PVP; but as far as I was aware, Alexz was a set lead on sets of Bilgewater and Bandle City. I thought it was just the PVE team that was leaving?

The focus of the product is PvP and the core audience, yes. And Rioters who are excited about that stayed on LOR and Rioters who wanted a change (maybe they've been on the game a long time, maybe they want to practice new skills, or any other myriad personal career path reasons) were fully supported in that, regardless of what part of the game they most recently worked on.

LOR is not going away and the reassurance is that this is all part of the plan and what was said in the article is the commitment - " Riot is also committed to continuing to support our game and our community. This pivot will allow us to serve the core LoR players and hyper-focus on our core audience, while also turbocharging other great games from Riot"

Its the passion of the players you should look to, not any individual's career choices. If you all love playing the game, there will be Rioters who love making the game. It's the players passion that directs Riots decisions. The fact devs want to say their appreciation and feel comfortable doing so is because we know the path forward is secure enough with a great dev team at this size and great player community. Hope that helps u/danatron1 (who commented above) also feel reassured.

A lot of players feel passion for a lot of different Riot games. Some of those player communities have more people than others, so yeah, some of us are excited to get to experience working with them and deliver great experiences on those games too, where we needed more devs.

I also feel a lot of appreciation for my time on LOR and to the amazing community here, but I'm not one for big announcements. So I'll let all my reddit followers figure it out when they start getting post notifications for r/TeamfightTactics. <3

You're in the care of the better Dan now. Happy dueling!

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well not tft, the rest yeah i suppose

there is also the huge mmo theya re making

Not TFT??
There's also two amazing games that most people think of Riot for: League of Legends and VALORANT. ;)

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i mean doesnt tft already have a really good team? i mean new people can come but i think it would make more sense for them to be sent to riots new games instead like the mmo project L etc

It does, but there's a lot of things the live game teams want to do but don't have the people for!

New games move best with small teams as they need to be nimble as they work through finding the fun and what players are looking for.

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You must understand the worry. I think everyone knows (or at least thinks) that Runeterra isn't profitable, and staff leaving is the first sign of the game shutting down. This game really is too good to be true, and I guess we fear that it'll come to an end, either by shutting down or "cashing in" on the player base and changing the monetisation model to something more predatory.

Any reassurance of the longevity of LoR would go a long way.

I’m staying. Got promoted too. :)

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Originally posted by LancelotRaven

Congratulations on your promotion!

Thanks. :)

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Hey Dan,

Thank you so much for responding, and best of luck with TFT!

I have absolutely no doubt that LoR is going to be continuously supported throughout the future and I personally believe that it has a long future ahead of it. I suppoose alot of my trepidation comes from the unknowingness of what the future looks like for the game, when I think its fair to say a lot of modes and features have unfortunately been removed or unsupported in the game. (From Cross-shard to Expeditions to TPoC)

I have nothing but love for LoR and it is by far and away the greatest CCG I've personally ever played.

Thank you again for your hard work on LoR, excited to see what you do on TFT!

Thanks Roy.
I know you're a great analyst of what's upcoming, so I appreciate why the unknown causes some trepidation, but I know the LoR dev team will keep communicating with you all and that will become clearer in time.
Remember cross-shard and expeditions weren't really used by too many players, which was why it's better to put the energy from upkeeping those features into other things.
The Path of Champions still has some content coming out - also some lab modes are back to enjoy! I hope the game keeps evolving and continues to delight you (& you all).

Thank you for playing the game and supporting the community.

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Originally posted by danatron1

Congratulations! I hope that bodes well for the longevity of the game.

If you need more people, I'm a developer with experience in Unity and C#, and a love for card games. I'd work for nothing if it meant the difference between keeping this game around and not.

Me too. :)

I’m one of the design leads now, but we work super collaboratively so I’ll be helping out on most things and everyone will be helping me out with my things too.

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Originally posted by danatron1

Honestly, sounds like a dream come true. I hope you do great things, and address the "keyword soup" design complaints.

Have plenty of ideas for new archetypes I presume?

Oodles. Always fun to see the community's ideas too. :)

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Originally posted by danatron1

out of curiosity, is there anything you want to add to the game, but know you can't? Any really "out there" ideas? I'm curious what ideas get discarded during design stages.

Oh absolutely. A lot of time in game dev goes into figuring out of the 30 things we want to build asap, what 3 should we be focusing on at a given time. :)

That's one reason things that seem like easy wins and obviously good ideas might take a while to make it into the game, because it's not a question about whether it's actually a good idea - rather it's whether it's the best way we could spend that time.