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@Dan_Felder, why does Quick Attack trump Ephemeral, i.e. why does an Ephemeral Katarina level up and return to hand?

Because it's quicker. :)

In reality, it's Katarina's ability in that scenario that triggers before Ephemeral does. Ephemeral units die after striking, katarina's ability triggers when she strikes. katarina's ability happens, levels her up, returns her to your hand. Ephemeral never gets a chance to trigger.


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That's not how Ephemeral+Quick Attack works...

They enjoy it for a brief moment because they die on their own terms, untainted by their opponent's blade... Then fade away like ash in the wind.


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So you're saying there's a possibility the existing roster of relics at the moment might be nerfed? Am i not gonna get a chance to use gatebreaker before it being nerfed?

We’ve announced we’re doing balance changes in pve, I can’t talk about which ones of course - can’t I officially announce stuff on random comments - just responding to the OP


“How do people end up on teams?”

Usually it’s because zoom, google meet, slack huddle, and discord are all simultaneously down. Or you work at Microsoft.


A lot of people assume that AI plays the enemies of path of champions but in reality it’s hundreds of thousands of poros.

The range of acceptable power level is much wider in pve than pvp. Balance is still important though, because it affects the relative challenge of adventures and whether folks feel it’s worth trying out different relics, plus how powerful we’d need to make new relics in the future.

For an extreme hypothetical just to demonstrate the point, imagine if there was a relic that said “+5|+5. Game start: If i have 3 copies of this relic equipped, summon me from your deck or hand.”

This relic would be so powerful it would be silly to run any other relic currently in the game. All champions that had the relic slots for 3 copies of it should run 3 copies of it.

Furthermore. All late game adventures that are supposed to be challenging would have to be balanced assuming players can get 3 copies of this relic. That means not using t...

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Then I think Riot should do the other way around, and add short stories for Norra.

Narrative tried to have a sit down with her to talk about stories like 3 times but they can never find her. They searched all over campus. Yumi was unsympathetic.


"This is the last time we let Zilean choose the dates..."

01 Feb


Welcome to the game!

Aside from the strategy resources other folks are posting, here are some useful tips for getting comfortable with lor’s mechanics and flow.

  1. Go to settings and un-check “enable auto pass”. This will mean the game always asks your permission to pass, instead of auto passing if you can’t play a card. This will help you learn the pass system much better.

  2. Look up the differences in card speeds. Unit, slow spell, fast spell, burst spell, focus spell - all have slightly different rules about when they can be played and whether they can be responded to by your opponent.

Once you understand the pass system and the card speeds, and how they interact, the game will make SO much sense and A lot of the depth will open.

31 Jan