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17 Apr

09 Apr


Originally posted by FrogMusic

Will there be any other videos / articles about the future of the game around that time, too? Seems like the narrative currently is that the game won’t even get updated ever again after this last patch, when my impression from the last thing Riot said is that the game will be updated, just more sporadically and with a majority of it being Path related content.

Yes, we will have some articles to fill in more details about our future content and release plans. We have plenty of stuff slated for release beyond patch 5.4.


Originally posted by CastVinceM

can we take this to assume that the lor button will be pushed out alongside patch 5.4.0?

Not alongside, but it's tentatively slated for soon thereafter. We're still working out details and scheduling, the League Client is a busy place.

08 Apr


Originally posted by _Oberine_

I don't really see the point in waiting for an update personally, if you're a new player obviously everything will already be new to you whether it was just released or old.

To be transparent, we think that having new people come into the game when there's a lot of fun, engaging conversations on social media (like here on Reddit!) about our new champs, the new set, the latest format changes from Rotation, etc. We want the players who are falling in love with LoR for the first time to experience a welcoming ecosystem outside of the game too.

01 Apr


Originally posted by BearSeekSeekLest

You have the original version of the card which lacks the Kat subtype introduced with Heart of the Huntress.

as subtype overseer i can confirm this is a Kat


Originally posted by Mission-Education734

Btw how long till I can get back into the game again, it's been a rough 5 days

I'm not involved in the fix so I can't give an updated estimate or really speak to it, but we have a strike team that's been working hard on this issue and nothing else for the last few days. They're testing a new build for it at this exact moment.


Originally posted by Stareatthevoid

did it just slip the net when they were doing the translations for one of the recent updates?

I just checked and we have all of The Grander Plaza's translations for all languages complete in data, so something funkier is happening to make it not show here. Gonna send this off to QA, thanks for reporting!

29 Mar


Hi there! Obviously my answer will be biased (yes it's worth it!), but I can provide a little clarity on some of your questions:

  1. We'll have more details when we release our next set in April, but we plan on having ranked Standard and Eternal queues up in perpetuity, with seasons resetting every three months.

  2. Our current plan for keeping Standard fresh is via rotation - we have over 100 champs currently and so the permutations for Standard are pretty robust. Whether we incorporate player feedback into this process is something we'll consider once we've seen how things go with our initial strategy.

  3. Our game queues are still very healthy - our internal metrics have shown no increase in average matchmaking times over the last few months, although of course there are hours in the day where there are fewer players in queue, but this has always been true.

27 Mar


Originally posted by Docksterino

Hey, i have updated it to 05.03.025 on Android and I still cannot get in. If you have thr time, can you confirm that the bug persists on this version?

Thanks for this update. We’re attempting to repro internally - if you can, please submit a bug report and attach device logs if you can.



We just released a fixed version, please update the app in the Google Play store - hopefully this should address the bug.

26 Mar


I remember when we were building this screen, and our visual designers imagined how the powers would fly around with fancy glowing trails and look super cool. But all the pre-viz mock ups showed just two or three powers, meanwhile the gameplay designers were getting more and more bold with their use of powers. We had a conversation about how this screen needed to support many more powers than the vis dev folks initially thought!

I can’t recall all the details, but a visual designer made sure the screen worked with as many as 15 active powers per player. What you’re seeing is the blank tiles they iterated with to make sure everything still worked and looked good with so many powers animating along fancy curves and slamming into the power preview button on game start.

IIRC there was also a bug where this screen would straight up crash with 16+ powers, but I believe that was fixed at some point (powers 16 and beyond just don’t get a fancy animated tile during this scre...

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19 Mar


Great idea, we'll look into it!

12 Mar


When The Arsenal came out, he just had keywords for each Landmark that had died that game. That read cleaner and was more understandable and easy to play with since that allowed us to display his keywords in hand.

It turns out, that meant that he could get permanent SpellShield which we hadn't run into since we made that change late in development which we had thought was a quality of life fix. So, we had to make an emergency fix without being able to change the text yet (only time we've ever done that).

And that's why we call him the arsenal! (also, RIP scout as a generatable keyword)

09 Mar


Originally posted by XanithDG

Lux? Did you mean Relic Holder? Cus nothing about Lux is relevant to any play style her deck and powers support.

Chemtech Duplicator makes final spark go brrrrr. She’s very relevant to it. :)

07 Mar


“I have exact lethal.”

“Uno Reverse!”


Originally posted by Ooooooffffff_ff

Five verys? Dan? That's it? You are still talking out of your ass!! We need at least SIX verys to even consider it a successful run!


Harsh but fair.