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18 Apr


Good luck getting murdered by the top players!

Or, you know, murder 'em back.

17 Apr

16 Apr

15 Apr


Originally posted by Andreiyutzzzz

A rioter replied on this topic before. It has to do with the thing creating the card is prismatic or not. And timelines applies a buff to your nexus. Considering we can't have a prismatic nexus timelines can't make prismatic stuff, that's the way I see it anyway. Honestly it should be changed. Good thing I saw that post before I picked a prismatic timelines myself

I'm happy to see my post was remembered. Thank you!

We are actively looking into how we can make the effect remember it's prismatic for this card (and any future ones).


Please upload your logs somewhere and share them with me. There are instructions on how to do that in the bug megathread


Originally posted by IvanJackJack

Just tried, but still crashed :( i've noticed that now 1 more deck is not appearing


compare with screen 2 of the first comment

EDIT: i managed to get all my decks deleted (and cried...) and after that all crash are gone, i made a new deck and played a game without problems.

I think the problem was actually the name of the decks

I’m glad you’re able to get unblocked! The crash is definitely in the deck names - the special characters specifically. We’re looking into a fix but for now just avoid those.


Originally posted by galadedeus

paging /u/RiotSalvor !

Sorry to bother you Salvor but do you guys have any insight for us about why we cannot do more than 3 expeditions per week? Feels like this well estabilished way of playing is one of the oldest we have and im sure we have some big old fans out there, like me, who would love to hear any news regarding our draft.

You guys crunch the numbers there and probably found out labs is more engaging to the public and thats where the focus is at, but it feels unfair with expeditions since it receives almost no love besides little changes in the drafts. When are we going to receive updates to expeditions or changes to make it, who knows, maybe a really competitive mode eventually (im thinking about tournaments)? So much potential yet so relegated. Any kind words for us Expeditioneers out there?

Edit note: i know you can play open expeditions after receiving 3 prizes.. still it feels absolutely pointless. Last weak i had ...

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not my department, but I'm happy to pass along the feedback.

14 Apr


Originally posted by Cherrycho

Fist Bump ward skin in League

I have played league for 10 years and have never heard of or seen this


Originally posted by IvanJackJack


Here are the logs taken with riot repair tool today, just after one of the crash

I believe you should be good now. Want to give it a try?


Originally posted by IvanJackJack


Here are the logs taken with riot repair tool today, just after one of the crash

Confirmed, I've passed along your account info for someone to help with.


Originally posted by IvanJackJack

**Type of Bug:** client crash

**What happened that seemed like a bug:** When i go into collection->decks, or when i try to play, the client first reconnects (screen 1), then the client crashes (just after screen 2). I tried this on phone, same crash. One of my friend tried it on his pc, same crash. I noticed that: 1) some decks appear on top of eachother - 2) some decks are missing (the decks with name with { or ° as first letter of the name are not appearing. all of this only after the 2.6 update, everything was fine before. I also tried log in with another account and everything works fine, so i think the problem may be related to the deck's names.

**What was expected to occur:** open and view decks / start a game

**How often does this occur/How easy is it to replicate:** always, i tried it over 20 times, always happens.

**PC / Android / iOS:** PC, Windows 10

**Region:** Europe

**(Optional) Screenshot:**


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Player support can delete the decks causing issues. Tickets can be opened at https://support-legendsofruneterra.riotgames.com/

I believe I've found your crash and let our team know, though I don't have an ETA for when someone will be able to erase the problematic deck.

Edit: if you upload your logs somewhere, I can confirm that I've already sent your information along.

When do they post?

(GMT +0)
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