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26 May

25 May


Originally posted by Enyy

Prokaryote lives matter, please be bacteria and archaea inclusive or else my phd is in vane

i will stake my design credibility on confirming in this moment that we will not be making single-celled units lmao


Originally posted by danleeaj0512

Wow I never thought I’d enjoy reading a discussion on classifying subtypes

of all the things people have said about my article, this is my favorite


Originally posted by Guilty-Package6618

Even better, under some classification systems birds are a subsection of reptiles. Riot needs to delete birds as a tag and make them all reptiles for scientific accuracy

lets just take this to its logical conclusion: there is only one subtype and it is Eukaryote


The pride bundle will become available starting June 1st!

24 May


Originally posted by Scolipass

RIP the meme.

Don't get me wrong, making the great beyond a celestial dragon is a great idea from a UI perspective, and is 100% the correct call, but I will miss that lovely bit of text that says "I am a dragon"

It was too funny when azir said “I am a bird”.

I wanted a voice line that had xerath growl “birds aren’t real”.


Creative vetoed my proposal to make “not von yip” a subtype ;)


Fun fact - beguiling cobra was briefly called replicobra when I designed it. Saner heads prevailed. :)

23 May


Originally posted by Bluelore

Wily Newtfish

That one actually seems pretty accurate. Wily Newtfish has scales, so its not an amphibian even though it has "Newt" in its name.

But it has also legs, so its not a fish either.

It is ultimately a case of an animal having a name that does a poor job at describing it from a scientific standpoint. Like how guinea pigs aren't pigs and neither do they come from guinea.

yeah, we based our subtype decisions off the image/lore instead of the current name. turns out that makes newtfish a misnomer, but that happens all the time IRL


Originally posted by LanoomR

But, still a good boy.

oh yeah if the subtype was Good Boy he'd 100% have it

22 May


Originally posted by Scolipass

Oh, did the article explaining rotation come out already? I'm gonna be honest, I completely missed it (Age of Wonders 4 and Tears of the Kingdom have been slightly consuming my life). I am still very curious as to why healing was removed from Freijord's identity, as I found cards like Kindly Tavernkeeper to be very healthy for the metagame and not at all problematic.

I totally feel this. I feel like we're living in a golden age of gaming atm, there are so many good games coming out all of the time. Tears of the Kingdom is definitely distracting me and I can't wait for FF16 to finally drop.

On the topic of rotation though... We have an article that is a Live-stream Summary
and although not rotation specific, we do have a r...

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I posted some additional context from the design team on the new cards over here if y'all wanna check it out!

We'll also have more info on the subtypes in the patch notes tomorrow :)!


Note: We’ve hit a small malfunction with the billions of porobots that make up our website– we have a localized article with this information coming out soon but wanted to get some important context to you all ASAP-

Check out all of the new cards being added in the upcoming patch. Full Patch Notes can be found here tomorrow, May 23rd with full details of upcoming content and all of the Eternal Balance changes being introduced. As a small exciting addition to this patch we’re introducing four new subtypes. Full details on those can be found in the Full Patch Notes as well!

Also, check out the cards at the following sites:



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