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Originally posted by Degleon

I always wanted to say that and now I made it to master tier! I ran out of places to climb though and feel empty. I made a lot of different decks, sometimes more than 5 decks a day, so I could find a deck that would counter the current daily meta net decks that I would face, or sometimes I would use said net decks to climb further. My most saltiest moments of making decks was that the instant I made some fun Freljord/Noxus decks with Vlad and the Crimson Elite, a lot of decks were made of that variety shortly after his buffs and that ruined a lot of my fun. I stream my games, so maybe I'll even get a third follower ahahah!




Sweet deck! Had so much fun I took it to masters :P

31 May

That is amazing!


30 May

Originally posted by HuntedWolf

Did you do it yourself? I’ve seen a few odd haircuts during lockdown but yours seems pretty good

Naw I got it cut ~4 months ago and what y'all saw was just the result of 3+ months of it growin out of control

Originally posted by HuntedWolf

What happened to your hair?

When we started production on this game I promised the team I wouldn't cut my hair until launch. Welp, we launched!

This honestly doesn't seem real.

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Originally posted by Dantalion67

I already have hero cards as backgrounds in my desktop, with 1 monitor base level, and the other moniter when they level...so good

Oh my god that is a fantastic idea! Thank you

I laughed

Originally posted by Chimoya2

Imho, balancing every 2 months might be too slow. Mistakes like Grizzled ranger/Badgerbear can happen and are fine, cause everyone makes mistakes once in a while, but like others said, they should be dealt with as fast as possible. 2 months of potential Grizzled Ranger/Badgerbear unbalance might be too long/frustrating for players and can limit diversity within regions. Though I wouldn't mind balance every 2 months if you guys would implement hotfixes outside of patches in those cases, similar to how its done in LoL.

Thanks everyone for the feedback. I think maybe I wasn't clear enough, my current idea is for the Balance Patches to be in-between content releases. So, we'd still be able to tweak any new card 1 month later.

Totally see peoples worries here around multiple months beyond that though, I think an example of how the new system might cause player suffering is around a card like Unyielding Spirit - Unfortunately in this case we only got the sentiment and feedback from players in a window after we'd already locked our changes for 1.2 so it ended up on the Watchlist.

What I'm hearing from you all (and I agree), is that it could be beneficial to make a select few changes during content release - This wouldn't be nearly as big as a balance patch, and likely wouldn't be a patch at all rather just ~0-3 changes.

29 May

Originally posted by Romalien5

Hey! After watching the video, I was a bit confused, does it mean we're gona get new region this august with new champions for that exact region, but champions for other regions gona get released after new region launched (in october and december)? Or we're gona get champs for new region AND also one champ per existing region this august?

I'm not on our publishing team. That group does amazing work, such as region videos, streamer launch activities, media interviews with devs, patch notes, custom art for media assets, regional events for players, made music & launch video, working with our streamers, gifting subs, launch rewards, amazon prime rewards, - the list really goes on and on.

So, I'm not exactly sure what we are/aren't revealing at this time beyond our official channels - so I'll leave that to the professionals! Really sorry about the non answer here, but keep an eye on our official channels for more information in the future.

Originally posted by psycho-logical

With a Mixup in the meta so frequently. Stale metas is the WORST part of card games and this helps so much. I'm very excited.

On the Live Balance side, we're likely going to move to every other month, so a balance patch between each content drop. I've considered and talked to the rest of the design team in the past about whether we should do Balance patches alongside content drops- our general stance is to avoid doing this. However, if players find that this new pattern is too slow for balance we can totally shift to doing more balance changes alongside content drops (probably just for the smaller content drops - not new Region drops).

If you have any thoughts around this, let us know!

Originally posted by SilentEnvoy

Appreciate the positive reply to my criticism. It's this particular one. The previous explanatory woman narrator for the bilgewater release was great for talking through all the mechanics and new champs, which made sense for a lower scale announcement/video.

It really just has to do with how big this announcement is. The content is something the devs have put a lot of time and thought into to create a great and captivating future for the game, and the delivery just wasnt commensurate.

The willingness to reply and ask for feedback is a great approach and very appreciated as an active player.

What about compared to these past performances from Jeff and I? (you don't have to watch them if they're too cringeworthy obv :P)

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7C7oZiGoRvs https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zDS1qCrFuCU ...

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Originally posted by SilentEnvoy

I do not want to hear these guys making an announcement ever again. I'm sure they are good devs, but they are awful at speaking and it was obviously read from a poorly written script while on zoom. Hearing them and comparing it to even post brode HS announcements made me cringe. This is HUGE news with tons of amazing content that I am excited for. The video editing was even great, but the speaking delivery was so emotionless that it detracted from what could have been a great announcement.

Thanks for the feedback! Was it this particular video, or all of our videos? We had to make some accommodations filming this one from home as we all are still working out-of-office due to COVID.

Originally posted by xmigetflyyx

Valid point, who would you wanna see doing the eye roll?

Find out who in patch 1.4

When do they post? (GMT +0)
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