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Hey everyone!

I wanted to provide you an update on our work on Standard Rotation for PvP.  Previously (https://playruneterra.com/en-us/news/game-updates/whats-next-for-ranked-in-legends-of-runeterra/), we had announced that our next rotation would happen on August 1st later this year, and that we'd have a three month period for ongoing rotations.

Due to development changes, we plan to shift these rotations to occur with patch releases (much like they have in the past), and I wanted to provide some additional transparency over what the next few patches look like. Instead of August 1st, the Standard Rotation will occur on July 17th, the release date of our 5.7 Patch. You'll also see these updates consolidated in our next set of patch notes. The reason for these adjustments to our plan is that, having settled into our team's rhythm since January, we believe the team can handle having our releases for all content, both PvP and PvE, on a coordinated and consistent timeline.

Beyond that, we'll have roughly two months of the Ranked Standard queue up, followed by one month of the Ranked Eternal queue up.  Our next Standard Rotation would then come with patch 5.11, which would happen some time in November, and that pattern will continue moving forward. We'll be actively seeking feedback about how this approach feels, so please let us know your thoughts as these changes happen over the coming months!

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