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There have been all sorts of promises from Riot on the future of the game that have unfortunately been walked back. From Cross Shard being taken out for better social features, Expeditions to be changed out with a new draft mode, and the difference of only a week or so between "excited about the start of TPOC2" and "Refocusing on pvp"

100%. And the answers on the non rotation questions last ama is basically 'well see'.

I'm a bit confused. Your quote contains honest answers about the plans at the time, and plans can change. Alternatively, we can avoid saying anything definite until it's 100% locked in, which also seems to frustrate you.

I understand it'd be ideal to get very early info that never changes, but I'm not sure how to do that. We can learn a lot over even a few months based on player feedback, and new problems or opportunities can arise that we didn't know about ahead of time.

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I still think rotating champions is a very bad idea, BUT rotating followers and spells might be necessary on the near future. We're already noticing how there's a lot of constraints from card designs and how they can break the game if not played carefully. While design is limitless, there's something known as regional restrictions, so you can't make X region be good on an scenario they're not intended to be.

Think on how A LOT of champions or even entire playstyles just can't compete with the massive amount of disruption you had to generate on recent times to held back absurd lategame threats like the Dreadway or Aurelion Sol. And well, printing comparable power level cards can also result in powercreep through optimized decks, and making weak cards makes the expansion feel worthless, so it's a lose-lose situation that only something like rotating the pool of cards can really solve.

Yeah, there are no perfect answers for sure. That's the main reason I like having rotation as another tool without a mandated time-frame when something is automatically rotated because it's been out for X months like many other games.

Sometimes players may prefer to keep playing cards they like, just in another format. I play a mix of eternal and standard formats in most cardgames.

Having a second format gives us more options for how to cater to different preferences. If we want to affect all formats at once, we can rebalance or redesign the card. If we just affect one format, we can use rotation.