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Apparently the Lab "Welcome to the Jungle" was stealthily changed last patch, allowing multi-region and Runeterran Origins to function properly. However, now cards from the Darkin Saga are not allowed. I easily checked by building a deck with 37 Demacia Elite cards, and added 3x Jax, Tempting Prospect and Annie. Jax and Tempting Prospect prohibit the deck, Annie (from Worldwalker) allows me to queue with it.

Did any of you notice any other changes?

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10 days ago - /u/riot_apiris - Direct link

There are no other changes. We just enabled support in the deck validator for multi-region decks. The 3.16 release will also allow the latest sets to be used in the mode, but there are no functional changes to the lab itself.

10 days ago - /u/riot_apiris - Direct link

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Ah neat, thanks for the answer.

I assume you will also update the ban list, since Quietus could take out the raptor on turn 1 like the other banned cards?

I’ll bring it up with the team! It’s not something that’s already done - we restored the labs to functional but didn’t change them to account for new cards