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I'm not sure if it's just me or because I play on a few different devices but whenever I enter the LoR client the store is highlighted. When I started playing I tried to enter the store and mouseover everything on more than one occasion. This results in the store icon not being hightlighted. However, this seems to reset! Nowadays I just don't care that the store is highlighted, which is really bad since I won't see if there are new stuff to buy.

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Exact same issue here.

If I play only desktop for a few weeks, I’m good.

Only iOS for a while, I’m good.

Flip flop same week? Permanent store highlight

It can only remember new items by device, so each patch you'll have to clear it once on each device you play on.

Varedis is also right that there are some un-intended oddities around items in bundles causing tab highlights.

It should not always be highlighted though, once you view each tab with new content on each device you use, then it won't be highlighted until there's new content in the store. (Which is typically every 2 to 4 weeks)