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I’m genuinely curious what everyone’s opinion is on this. Do you prefer the current path of champions or the old labs? Personally I liked the old labs more, although the attention given to path of champions and work done on it is super nice i can’t deny that. Would’ve loved to see them give that attention and create cool new levels and stuff for the old labs, but what are y’all’s thoughts?

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When you say "old labs" do you mean specifically the lab of legends? The bilgewater one? TPOC 1? Other labs entirely? Just want to know what you enjoyed. :)

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Specifically lab of legends. What the other person responded to this comment from you is all very true for me as well. Main thing I like about labs was being able to pick even cards you didn’t have and test them out and try them out, but the system of PoC I do believe is a lot better and y’all have done amazing on it!

Thanks for clarifying. Always good to find out what people enjoy. :)