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Having played through and beaten Lissandra and Swain, I can honestly say that this is an unfortunate direction the game is going. These adventures feels like a chore rather than a fun challenge.

I think with the right changes, past nodes could be changed to include a hard mode that is far more enjoyable… Maybe not all being 4 star level, but harder than before, and offering some rewards like before.

For example, hard mode could have the same blanket power or two for all adventures, and more unique ones for the bosses. It’d also be really nice if we could have more choices of where to go, like in Lissandra, unlike the usual two lines.

Blanket powers could be something like, all opponents units have 50% (or 100%) more stats. Also (more controversially), all of the player’s card costs would increase by 1 every 3 turns, to a maximum of 3 after 9 turns.

Then for more unique ones, nautilus could start deep, ezreal could have 0 cost spells and/or cast all spells twice, zed could summon an ephemeral copy of the strongest dead follower, and so on.

THIS feels way more like a “Hard” but also more fair challenge!

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They still claimed they absorbed feedback on the liss adventure.  The Swain adventure looks more like they just selectively absorbed 10 percent of the feedback they wanted to hear.

 There's no need to waste any effort on feedback anymore. Whales continue whaling,  non whales are better off just f2p or quitting. 

It takes time to factor feedback in, the designers often work many months in advance. Stuff you see soon after Lisandra may have been worked on before she was even out.

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(1) I really miss your design philosophy and you are always active on LoR reddit which makes you can be more responsive than all other LoR devs🥺

One design I really love is your design on Asol, you make him to be a very op champion becuase he is Asol and it doesn’t need balance😂

I bet if you are still here, you already changed the Lizz adventure to be more approachable last patch

(2) The problem I afraid is the devs dont even realise current adventures being too hard is problematic

To be fair, I didn’t design Asol. I did design most of lissandra, though there were some key differences when I was working on it.

In either case - I have a lot of trust in the current designers. I know they want the game to be awesome too.