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I get that y'all are frustrated about the new adventure, I only managed one win against him with ASol but that's basically a free win most of the time (You can get unlucky like really unlucky)

I tried with Jinx and I think I underestimated the nodes.

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I’d love to see a swain bounty board. The adventure seems much more focused on a narrow number of solutions but I bet the community can do it.

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At least to me it's either, get a power or champ that can deal with a full/almost full board + 3hp nexus burn every round.

My first run with Jinx, I thought I could clear the board easy, but I underestimated the enemy HPs, and the enemy nexus is far too thick to just speedrun, maybe even with double ludens.

So I'm guessing, someone that's really good at removal in a short amount of time, someone who can drop as much blockers as needed?

Going vertical too much wouldn't help since stuns are aplenty as well.

Turret plating goes a long way with any champ that can be dropped in the first 2 turns as well