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Long time card game player and lurker of this sub and LoR in general. I never really took the time to dive into runeterra but after reading the article about competitive changes for 2023 it gave me the will to give it a go!

If my goal was to jump into these competitive events as soon as possible, what are some recommendations you guys would have for getting up to speed and becoming at least a competent player?

I find it normally takes me a little bit to get comfortable with a new card game. What are some general tips you guys use yourselves when learning a new game , and what tips do you have specially for LoR?

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about 2 months ago - /u/Dan_Felder - Direct link

Welcome to the game!

Aside from the strategy resources other folks are posting, here are some useful tips for getting comfortable with lor’s mechanics and flow.

  1. Go to settings and un-check “enable auto pass”. This will mean the game always asks your permission to pass, instead of auto passing if you can’t play a card. This will help you learn the pass system much better.

  2. Look up the differences in card speeds. Unit, slow spell, fast spell, burst spell, focus spell - all have slightly different rules about when they can be played and whether they can be responded to by your opponent.

Once you understand the pass system and the card speeds, and how they interact, the game will make SO much sense and A lot of the depth will open.

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