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Just wanted to share my personal experience with the devs for some hopefully constructive feedback.

I find myself fading away from LOR. Every time I log on to play, after a few games I find my mood to be more frustrated and annoyed than when I started playing. I'm finding games to be too high-powered for my liking. Most games end by turn 7 or 8, which I feel is too soon. I also feel like much of the early game doesn't really matter anymore - I can outplay for the first 4 turns or so and start building an advantage, but if they then drop a win con that I can't immediately answer, it's GG. Overpowered win-con cards feel more prevalent than ever, and it's a design I've never ever liked. I perfer a board-centric game that rewards value and building an incremental advantage (and then winning via the board I've built/maintained), and I don't feel like that is very viable anymore.

To add to that, the prevalence of highrolls in random stats (Bard) and keywords (Evelynn) and just the general overprevalence of keyword-drenched units leaves a bad taste in my mouth. There's a lot of opportunity for feels-bad moments when the opponent randomly gets just what they need. Units and regions don't feel very distinct anymore either when everything is constantly getting Spellshield/Challenger/Overwhelm/Elusive/Scout/Regen etc.

I'm playing maaaaybe 2 hours of LOR a week these days, it used to be an hour a day. And I'm not really enjoying those current hours and have to convince myself to turn on the game and stick with it. That's getting harder and harder to do. Riot has been responsive to feedback in the past so I am hopeful this can be improved upon. Personally I'd like a large-scale nerf to bring the overall game power level and speed down, and a decreased focus on keywords and win con cards. Probably unlikely, but that's my 2 cents.

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Thanks, this is really clear feedback. Quick clarification, by turn 7 or 8 do you mean round 7 or 8? I'm trying to get a sense for how long your games are going, and how long you prefer them to go.Do you prefer metas where you reliably hit 10 mana gems each game?

When is the game the most fun for you? I'm not trying to spin this positive, promise, just want to know when you've had the most fun as well - it helps me understand what's working for you and what isn't.

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Originally posted by morkypep50

Agreeing with other posters, I think the culmination of all the complaints recently come down to "games are ending too early". Game ending combos going off on turn 5/6 as opposed to 9/10. Compared to other games, I have experienced Aggro metas where games are ending way before mana cap. But Kaisa isn't an aggro face deck. It's midrange/combo. In other games, combo finishers go off at mana cap. In LOR, combo finishers go off at half mana cap, or slightly after.

Edit: I see a lot of people attack spellshield and I think it is misguided. Spellshield is only a problem when a 5 drop becomes unstoppable with it. Spellshield on lategame bombs makes them actually threatening, but when your 5 drop can win the game on her own, spellshield becomes OP. This again feeds into what I said before. Games shouldn't be ending so early. Midrange decks should be closing out at turn 10. A 5 cost champion should not be winning the game in 1 or 2 turns, whether they get spellshield or not.

I think it also feels way more intense in LoR than in some other games, because players get mana and play cards twice as often per chance to attack. If a game is over in 6 turns in MTG for example, the opponent often attacked 5 times. In LoR the opponent may have only attacked 2-3 times. Even more cards are being played in LoR, but compressing that much damage into 2-3 attacks can make the experience feel more "OTK-ish". LoR's unique economy is super interesting to design for.