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You'd think that adding cards would be beneficial, but the reality is that most champs want the deck as small as possible to keep few cards. The problem isn't inherently that adding cards is a bad thing, it's the way it works in PoC. In Slay The Spire for example, each "champ" has their own unique set of cards that they can get as rewards, and you can skip rewards altogether. In PoC, you are forced to bloat your deck with meaningless cards that oftentimes are cut from your deck asap. So why is the feature there in the first place?

PoC is a weird game mode, it's meant to be a roguelite deckbuilder, but it's built on a broken foundation. There's not a ton of incentive to replay adventures over and over, there's a huge roster with a spread of playstyles, which aren't balanced too well, and deck building isn't really part of the game at all. In every other roguelike deck builder, picking cards is a massive part of the game. In PoC it's a nuisance. You are often weaker after beating an enemy than stronger. Isn't the whole point of a roguelike the progression you feel during the run?

Now there's easy and hard solutions, both of which are probably better than the convoluted system we currently have. Either give us options to skip (simple), cut out the system altogether (simple, but loses meaning), or narrow the pool down, massively, for each champion (pretty difficult). Other ways to approach the problem could be adding more nodes to cut cards, or maybe increase amount of options to pick from, but that doesn't fix the core issue.

Just wanted to bring the problem to light, it may not be a massive problem right now, but it definitely hurts the game more than it helps imo. It would be great if this was addressed in some way, I wish Riot could focus a bit more on balancing the game, and fixing its flaws and bugs instead of adding paywalled premium content and annoyingly difficult adventures that many champs have a horrible matchup against. I love this game and the potential it holds, but I fear the direction it's going in after seeing these latest patches.

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To encourage variety of play and asking players to figure out how to use unusual cards. It feels weird though to get a “reward” that doesn’t make your deck better though. Improving the cards with more items so they’re better than the cards in the base deck helps. Constellations do some of that.

The cards you can buy in the lissandra shop have MUCH better items than cards in normal shops for this reason. My reliable way to best lissandra is to buy a lot of cards in the shop (the cards not the items for cards already in your deck) that give me key tools for the adventure (hard removal, defense, insane win conditions, etc). I usually spend all but one of my rerolls in the shop for that reason. Means I don’t need to go top path to have a broken deck :)