about 2 months ago - Wissp - Direct link

Thanks to everyone who reported this issue! There were no intended plans to delete enchant scrolls during this week's maintenance. Please submit a CS ticket so that we may investigate this matter further. 


about 2 months ago - Wissp - Direct link

Our apologies for not communicating in advance regarding deletion dates appearing on Gran Kain Enchant Scrolls. During maintenance on Wednesday, March 1, the following items will be removed from player inventory:

  • Gran Kain's Top-grade Kaliel's Bracelet Enchant Scroll
  • Gran Kain's Circlet Enchant Scroll
  • Gran Kain's Dragon Shirt Enchant Scroll
  • Gran Kain's La Vie En Rose Brooch Enchant Scroll
  • Gran Kain's Super-Advanced Seed Bracelet Enchant Scroll
  • Gran Kain's Top-Grade Artifact Book Enchant Scroll

If you wish to use these scrolls, you will need to do so before their March 1 removal date. We apologize for any inconvenience this situation has caused.