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Save 15% on Ultimate Jewelry Boxes when purchasing in quantities of 30!

Ultimate Jewelry Box x30 = 2040 NCoins
Restrictions: Level 96+

This sale has already started and will run through the remainder of the Ultimate Brooch promotion, until weekly scheduled maintenance on Wednesday, Dec. 14. Visit the L2 Store today!

about 2 months ago - Wissp - Direct link
6 minutes ago, fademist said:

u miss the point though.....what happen with the ppl that go for the 80coin last week? just ignore them?

Anyone who purchased the incorrectly priced Jewelry Boxes from last week should submit a ticket to Customer Service for assistance. We apologize for the mishap!

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3 hours ago, PugofCrydee said:

No @Wissp you are missing the point. Strange as it may appear there was no communication from your team, except we will look into it. Going on past experience this means you will do nothing. So that being the case and the abysmal track record of the GM people bought the item in the shop at 80 NCCoin. You now put this as a discount after the initial event and didn't bother communicating this to the community. To be transparent the response should have been we are looking into it and will adjust the price if the "Sale" price is not a "Sale" price.  I just don't get how something so simple for a person that purports to be a communicator is so hard to understand. 

My apologies for any lack of communication! There were only a small number of players who purchased the boxes at the higher price, fortunately. All those affected were refunded the same day the error occurred. Contacting support is only necessary if you believe you were not properly reimbursed.