18 days ago - Sunshine - Direct link

Hi everyone,

We're aware of players experiencing latency on the Chronos server, and we're actively investigating. We'll continue to monitor and update as we have more information.

Thank you

13 days ago - Sunshine - Direct link

Hey Everyone -

We want to give you a small update—we are still working on resolving the issue with latency on the Chronos server. Also, we are planning to have compensation for our Chronos players but will announce what the compensation will be at a later date, after we address the latency issues and assess the total impact.

Thank you all for your patience. 

about 4 hours ago - Juji - Direct link

The latency spikes that started on 10/4 were resolved with the content update release last week. We will be inserting compensation into the warehouses of all characters on Chronos tomorrow during the maintenance.