12 months ago - Hermes - Direct link

Hello everyone,

We are currently investigating  the Necropolis of Devotion issue reported here, once I know more, I will update the Issue Tracker topic that was created in the Announcements Section.

2 hours ago, Nevermind said:

In short - I've found no way to bring back system/damage/item usage/etc messages.

New chat UI is useless and unusable now because of that.

Please fix this issue, @Hermes, thanks in advance!

Could you please reach out to CS regarding you issue and see if they can help?

20 minutes ago, Nevermind said:


- No Teleport Flags from NCoin shop (and these were tradable)
- No My Teleport scrolls from NCoin shop (and these were tradable)
- Can only buy them for L2 Coins (which you can buy for NCoins)
- Monetary value of My Teleport scrolls is now 10x more than it was  - 6.2 cents/each instead of 0.62 cents each. This is unacceptable.

Duplicated items were removed from the NShop as they were sold in the L2Coin shop. This is not a bug.

1 hour ago, JukiJuk said:

Probably the problem is in Life Control Tower's Scroll of Blessing that now each 1 is weighing 30

We will check on this issue. Please check the Issue Tracker for any updates.

I apologize for the inconvenience.