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Greetings Adventurers!

Game servers will be down for maintenance beginning Wednesday, September 8, 2021 at 4 a.m. PDT /  6 a.m. CDT / 7 a.m. EDT / 1 p.m. GMT+2 and will be unavailable for approximately 4 hours 45 minutes.

With this maintenance:

  • Orc Fortress content update will go live!
    • Orc Fortress Siege
    • 3v3 World Olympiad (Cross-Server)
    • Forgotten Primeval Garden World Hunting Zone (Cross-Server)
    • Sanctum of Spirits (Clan Raid)
  • Store Update
    • Celebration Kits have been added to the L2 Store for two weeks!
    • Aden Talisman Enchant Package and Forgotten Primeval Garden Recharge Stone have been permanently added to L2 Store.
  • Devianne’s Challenge Event will start for three weeks! (More Info Here)
  • The Bandit Stronghold Clan Raid event will continue for one week!
    • The free Clan Raid Preparation Kit coupon code will expire next week on 9/17.
    • The Special HP Recovery Potion (Time-limited) will be deleted on 9/15!
  • Why Burn rankings event rewards will be distributed! Please check your character warehouse for your rewards!
  • Attendance checklist event will continue for one week!
  • Reinforcement Kit II will no longer be available in the L2 Store!
  • The Newbie Growth Kit and Aden Welcome Kit will be removed from the L2 Store next week on 9/15.
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The servers are now up!