9 days ago - Hermes - Direct link

Hello everyone,

As informed earlier, we will properly reward all affected players who have not received the Adena Box from the first rounds of the Jenis Secret Shop event. Please see the details below:

Next week, during the maintenance, on 8/10, our team will be providing the following reward to all affected player's warehouses:

  • 1 Billion Adena

For players who won the prize more than one time, the Adena amount will be adjusted accordingly to match.

Furthermore, the issue where the box had the wrong name in-game has been fixed from saying 1 Billion Adena to 100 million Adena, and all boxes are being delivered normally, with the correct amount, after the fix on Thursday. However, for those who participated before the fix, we will honor the prize that had been communicated at that time.

We apologize for the event's issue and look forward to making things right for all affected.

Best Regards,

6 days ago - Hermes - Direct link


I already have a list of all affected players, there is no need to send CS tickets in or take any action on your side.