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On 8/26/2022 at 12:12 PM, BWEIB said:

can you help me please @Hermes@Arctic


Because the support team didn't want to help me  humpty, senchou, sirc, david, gmyggdrasil, gmleyza, czeah, skaarf, louise, relik, margarita  all these names are from the team that attended me and didn't want to help me.

I had a problem with my credit card, and the company simply canceled all my international purchases, with that my purchase of nc soft too, in short my account was blocked, I proved all this to the support team, I proved that the card was mine and I proved that I wasn't trying to commit a diaper or anything.

Today it was exactly 13 days of email exchanges, today as my account was blocked, my prestige was renewed on the same card that I had a problem with and that I proved to be mine. Soon after I activated my prestige I sent an email showing them, I thought this will help me, that nothing, 30 minutes later they from the support team went there and canceled my prestige without me even asking, and they made the chargeback '' I have everything for email to prove''.

I believe I'm not the first player to have this problem with their credit card, I proved to be an honest player, but the support team ignored it.

I really want to play with my account again, as everyone knows it is very difficult to equip and level up.

What I've been asking for these 13 days is that they give me a single way to get everything right.

So I humbly ask that if anyone can help me recover my account, I will be very grateful.



I apologize that you had a bad experience.

I will check on this issue and reach out to you privately to have it resolved.

Best Regards,

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15 hours ago, Shadowkiller said:

I haven't been able to access my accounts... It says that my ip is blocked which brought problems to my other accounts too as they got blocked as well... I write from this account because I can't even log in to the webpage and the mailed tickets takes too long to be responded. Similarly, I haven't been explained the reason for the block but I suspect is because a fail payment or something like that... I ask you to please respond or at least make a way to improve communication and allow to explain what and how it happened because this matter happened already a week ago...
@Hermes ... I ask you to please take action as the GM thank you

Hello, you can also write to Support directly at support@ncsoft.com in case it helps in the meantime.

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