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We upgraded the server hardware on Classic today, so please let us know if the latency has improved after maintenance is complete.

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10 hours ago, DukeGr said:

Alot of DC's since last maintenance, today i had 7 mass DC's. Also i see randomly people from my friendlist mass DC'ing. This has nothing to do with connection quality, the server is mass ejecting people for some reason. Please investigate because at this rate its getting a chore to login multiple times per day/losing exp during exp event.

The dev team investigated today's reports of disconnections on the servers and did not see any issues with the game that would cause characters to randomly disconnect. The majority of reports we have been seeing lately are from players connecting from outside the US, but we have not ruled out the game or server being the cause yet.

Can you submit a tech support ticket, so we can gather further information on the disconnections?

  • Location
  • Character Name
  • Server Name
  • Time of Disconnection with Time Zone included

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