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I'm still looking for some answer about the why burn event that just ended.


Rewards will be send next week and i'm wondering how it will work, especially the clan ranking part.


> If u were in a clan that won a reward at the end of the event will u get the prize even if u left/were expelled ?

> On the opposite way if u join a ranked clan this week will u get the reward even if u weren't in it last week ?



@Sunshine sorry to insist but i really would like to get some insights on how things will be done

The top 20 rankings list of clan members was pulled right when the maintenance started this week. Any member that joined the clan after the maintenance ended when the servers opened on 9/1 will not receive any rewards for the Why Burn event next week. 

Also if you were part of a clan for these past 3 weeks and then left prior to 9/1, then you would not receive any rewards either as we only count the current roster of members.