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On 9/1/2021 at 4:04 AM, Maraalo said:

Good day
We have a problem with the accounts
We can enter the game with them, but:

1-We cannot log into the forum with other accounts, or send a ticket
    When trying to log in, I write the name of the account and the pass and .... nothing....return  to the initial screen

2-We cannot create new accounts or if one is created, it is immediately blocked (even without create the character in the game)
    "due to souspicious activity, this account has been locked"

Not long ago, we lost an account under the same suspicion, (just for using the automatic hunting system ...), losing characters in Live and Classic
A week ago, they blocked two Aden accounts, which were thankfully returned

Could you inform what is happening?

Unfortunately, since we don't have access to your account from here, you'll have to put in a Customer Support ticket. If you can't reach Support through the normal process through your Account Management page, you'll have to email them directly at [email protected]. Give them as much details as you can, and they should be able to guide you.