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Hello, All.


Game servers will be down for maintenance beginning Wednesday, August 31, 2022, at 4 a.m. PT / 6 a.m. CT / 7 a.m. ET / 12 p.m. UTC +1 and will be unavailable for approximately 3 hours 45 minutes.

The following changes will be made to the game during this maintenance:

  • The Oriana Lucky Draw event will continue for 2 weeks!
  • The Dragon Chest & Exchange promotion will end next week!
    • Special Crafting will end next week!
    • Dragon Treasure Chests and Giran Seals will be removed on 9/14.
  • The Mermaid Chests will be removed.
  • Fixed an issue preventing the Mysterious Greater Weapon Enchant Scroll from working on a Sacred Sword Excalibur.

Thank you!