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Hi all,

Serial codes should be issued by PlayNC. You will then be able to redeem them on your NCW account.

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Hey everyone - 

I'm doing my best to work with the Mobile team to get you answers. Thanks for the patience!

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6 hours ago, Slycutter said:

How do I claim the rewards I am suppose to get for signing up for the Beta for L2M on the PC?

Rewards for participating will be handled after the Closed Beta ends.

6 hours ago, Slycutter said:

Because again that information is missing also I think you have the event rewards mislabel as the magic lamp should be aden and VIP scrolls classic no?

While the items in the image are swapped, the description in the article is correct: 

  • Lineage II: (1) Vitality Maintaining Rune (15  7 Days)
  • Lineage II Aden (5) Magic Lamp Charging Potion
  • Lineage Classic : (4) VIP Scroll - 800

In case there are any more questions, please refer to the official Lineage2M FAQ for more information: https://help.plaync.com/faq/l2mnu

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42 minutes ago, bremen231 said:

Same cant login to register to beta with any of my accounts says invalid login even though im using a plaync account to post here. Also if try make new account to enter beta code it says this service is restricted currently for you.

This may be related to the region you're located in—if you fall into any region outside of what's listed in the FAQ, you may be blocked: https://help.plaync.com/faq/l2mnu

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1 hour ago, TheBuffer said:

Also, in news https://www.lineage2.com/news/l2m-closed-beta-rewards you mentioned vit maintain rune for 15 days and in L2M site it says for 7 days. Can you please confirm if it's 7 or 14 days?

Confirming that it is 7-day.

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1 minute ago, Mephist0 said:

Is it 15 days or 7 days? Because the article now says 7 days...  What a mess.

I confirmed that it is indeed 7-day - updating my original post up top to reflect this change.

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32 minutes ago, Mephist0 said:

Come on @Sunshine, shine with the community after all this mess. Make that rune 15 days, make all this ppl happy :)


I want you to come and say "You know what? You are right... but not 15 days... a complete month (drop mic)"

HA! Well, if the decision was up to me I would if I could, but I can't, so I don't.  🎤⏬

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