14 days ago - Juji - Direct link

We are investigating the latency spikes with AWS and the Dev team. The issue appears to be only affecting the Chronos server, so please let me know if you are experiencing any of the following:

  • Attack Speed Delay
  • Skill Delay
  • NPC Delay
  • Movement Delay (Rubberbanding)
  • Item Delay
14 days ago - Juji - Direct link
3 minutes ago, Gravenatti said:

@Jujiyou should also check out the lineage 2m referral link from the lineage 2 website, goes straight to 404

Send me the link that is affected and I will pass it on to the L2M team.

9 days ago - Juji - Direct link

We are still investigating the cause of the latency spikes for Chronos and will share an update once we have more details from the Development team.

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