about 2 months ago - Lost Ark - Direct link

Transcript (by Youtube)

1s you know most people believe the ark is
4s a myth we are fulfilling the will of the
7s Gods I won't let them forget you
17s so we must remember what it is we fought
20s for
22s we're running things again running back
24s running back here you go diving to the
26s trenches guys let's go let's go let's go
30s all right
33s it's like Dead Eye and Reaper mix so
35s sick the double shot baby let's go
39s everyone come here
45s the arcano again with the MVP
50s we have new skins today she looks so
53s good oh wait there's another one wait
57s wait you can give her patterns
61s 100 quality juicer damn
65s chosen weapon on my Summoner show up
68s your unicorn Mound is this too Direct
72s so this is the power of a legion
75s Commander laser beam
85s dark grenade dark grenade
92s [Applause]
109s foreign