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1s What is that face you're making?
2s I mean, I'm not doing nothing.
4s Yeah.
4s If you're going to do that, we should all just do that.
7s No, it's my thing.
8s Everyone is just deadpan.
9s I have this patent, not you.
11s The coming Thaemine Legion Raid— I thought you were talking about Kanon.
13s That's crazy.
16s This was just— A race.
20s we're really excited to kind of get into these talks and talk a little bit about— [DOOR SLAMS] Whoa.
26s This guy.
31s Can he hear us?
32s That was a heroic exit!
32s This guy busted out of here.
34s Just an absolute heroic exit.
36s The Kool-Aid man!
38s Strategy, uh, good times, I guess.
41s These guys are already laughing.
42s Sorry, hold on a second.
43s There's no way.
45s What is happening?
45s There's no way.
46s This person person's playing like a mobile game.
48s That's the third today.
50s Welcome to the first ever Lost Ark Roundtable.
53s We've gathered up— I mean I don't know why he's laughing.
57s Saint, you done ruined it.
59s This is the 19th take.
61s Welcome to the.
62s first ever Lost Ark Roundtable.
64s We've gathered up some creators here today that you might be a little bit familiar with, to get together with us and talk about the upcoming Thaemine Legion raid and the Thaemine the First Race.
74s We're going to get in a little bit to kind of some of the tips and tricks and what they're excited for, how they're going to be approaching these pieces of content when they come to the game.
83s But before we do that, we're going to take a minute to introduce ourselves, just in case, you know, the players at home actually aren't familiar with all of us.
91s So I'm Roxx.
92s I'm the Product Community Manager on Lost Ark.
95s I'm going to be here just kind of hosting and moving the conversation along today.
100s Henry, why don't we start with you, Mr.
102s Patch Notes over here?
104s Yeah.
104s So you might recognize me from the Lost Ark Patch Notes.
107s Patch Notes with Henry.
108s I'm Henry, the Head of Editorial at Amazon Games.
112s And now, over to the creators.
113s Want to introduce yourself?
115s Hello.
115s My name is Kanon, and I'm a returning player.
122s That's why you're here.
123s That's valid.
124s Can you, can you include, like, a little.
126s lower third in the video?
127s Like Mokoko?
129s Mokoko buff.
130s It's right here.
132s It's right here.
132s Dude!
133s That buff.
135s Great.
135s Crisis invasion Mokoko buff.
137s He is pretty clutch.
139s I wouldn't know, it's never procced for me, but sure.
141s Hypothetically, it's pretty clutch.
143s Hypothetically it is.
144s Perfect.
145s What about, What about you?
146s Who are you?
148s Uh...
148s I am.
150s I mean, I know who you are, but they might not.
151s I'm.
151s I'm Saintone.
152s I don't even play the Western version.
154s They just found me, and they needed someone to sit in this chair.
159s Also, can you censor the name, no one actually knows how to pronounce my name.
162s I was just about to call you out on that.
164s Yeah.
165s Make sure to bleep that out.
166s And I don't know if they're going to include this, but that was the first time you've actually said it.
171s Yeah.
172s Oh, you might know me from the, Breaker Academy guide that they recently posted, but I'm going to talk a little bit about Thaemine since I've been through it.
181s And just some tips and tricks along the way.
183s My name is Stoopzz.
186s I play a lot of Lost Ark.
188s You may have seen me talking about the game.
194s All right.
194s I don't know what else to say.
195s So we have Patch Notes with Henry.
196s We have Mokoko.
198s We have Korean player.
201s We've got "maybe talking about the game".
203s We've assembled this panel.
204s Mostly I'm talking about the game.
205s Not playing it most of the time.
206s Clearly.
207s Clearly a very in-depth panel of very different individuals.
213s Talking about the game or just talking in the category?
216s Both.
217s Ohhhh.
218s Both.
220s Longest intro NA to streams.
223s Best known for the four hour intro.
225s Actually, the five hour intro.
226s Got to draw it out.
227s It is the five hour intro.
228s I was waiting for the Breeaker stream.
230s You know, and you know, we got a two hour podcast, which is nice I guess.
236s That's rare for me on patch day.
237s Usually I hop right into it but I decided I was gonna take my time of getting into it and patch day's stressful, you know?
243s There we go.
245s Well, there actually were quite a lot of things that came out the last patch.
249s I wanted to get into that a little bit before we look ahead toThaemine Especially with you, Kanon, as kind of this quote unquote returning player.
258s There's a ton of progression events that are in the game right now.
260s And I know you are working on a video for that to, kind of go through some of them.
265s So maybe you Kanon and Henry, want to talk a little bit about all the progression events that are in the game right now and how players can get caught up and get ready to get to Thaemine.
274s I have a video that's going to be releasing pretty soon on the AGS channel, as well as my YouTube channel, and it is a video in regards to these new passes, which, to be perfectly honest, was a big reason why I've been recently kind of hooked.
288s That's not a paid message.
290s I have been kind of hooked on Lost Ark again.
294s Breaker has been a phenomenal class for me to play.
297s That's like my favorite preferred archetype.
299s And these passes.
301s He's lying, by the way, I convinced him to play Breaker.
303s I sat there in a Discord call, shared all the little videos with you.
306s Okay, hold on dude.
306s I sold you on the class.
308s You did.
308s Give me some credit on this You did, but— What is— what is my preferred archetype?
313s It has always been gauntlet wielding classes.
314s That's why I sold you on it.
315s I told you.
317s You know that's my type.
317s Yeah.
318s I brought you back.
319s All right, we'll give Stoopzz some credit.
321s I should get some credit here.
321s Yeah.
322s All right.
322s To be fair, we'll give him a lot of credit.
324s Stoopzz.
324s Stoopzz's he.
325s Yeah.
327s Thank you Stoopzz.
328s You're welcome.
328s You satisfied?
332s He roasted me earlier I'm going to get his ass.
334s How did I roast you?
335s Talking in the category.
337s Oh, that was good, though.
338s It was.
339s It was me trying to help you expand.
341s Yeah.
341s You know, like.
342s Hey, guys.
344s Next Asmongold.
345s I don't know if I should say that.
346s Just.
346s Okay.
347s All right.
348s Okay, we'll cut that.
349s But anyways, the passes.
352s So these passes have been just a big W for the game, in my personal opinion.
358s The previous jump start was kind of exciting for new players, but I really think this event in particular was a lot better for new players and returning players, if I'm going to be perfectly honest.
368s Yeah, like the Arkesia Tour, where you're essentially just giving everyone the horizontal after completing a few easy missions, I think that's.
377s I think that alone was like awesome, a huge highlight.
381s Like for me, I had a lot of that stuff done already.
383s But the fact that I can invite friends over and be like, yeah, you don't actually have to do all that stuff.
388s Sure, there's some stuff that you have to farm, but you know, every everybody, you gotta farm that stuff to a certain degree.
393s It's not overwhelming.
395s And then just being able to see the raids, like just knowing that the raids are right there, you know, because like if you start an MMO and it's like, you know, you can't do the end game content with your friends, it's like it's it can be a little bit discouraging to start a game.
415s For sure.
416s But like this, it's like, okay, well, I can legitimately play raids with these friends like I if I created a new account today, I can play with Saint and Stoopzz tomorrow.
425s Maybe not me.
427s Well you could.
428s Oh, yeah.
429s I'm 1620 already on NA West.
432s Oh are you?
432s Okay.
432s Soon to be merged though.
435s Are you really?
435s Yeah, yeah.
436s I've been there for a little while.
437s I mean, I know you used to ply but you kept playing.
439s Yeah, yeah.
440s Oh.
441s Did you take advantage of the new passes?
443s I haven't, but I wish I did because it got.
447s It was pretty.
447s What do you mean you wish, you can.
448s No, because I'm already 1620.
451s It goes up to 1619.
451s Oh, I mean you can make another character.
453s Yeah.
453s could make another character.
454s I'm just saying, like.
455s I mean, do you remember the last time you played the game what kind of catch up mechanics it were?
458s Yeah, it was it was tough.
461s It was not as good as now.
462s But this is the thing we were talking about before at home.
465s Yeah, yeah.
466s Cuz we always get people in our, our streams are always like, Is now a good time to start playing Lost Ark again?
472s And it's like, it's always the best time.
473s The next event is always the best.
475s Yeah, yeah, the next one's always the best.
476s Yeah.
478s It's just like this gradual thing.
479s So like last time, you know, when the Super Mokoko Express came out, people were like, oh man, this is the greatest thing ever.
484s Yeah.
484s Now this one is coming out and this has like, stuff on top of that and the horizontal express.
487s And then it's like, okay, this is the best one ever.
490s So yeah.
490s Yeah.
491s You know it's always the best time to come back.
495s Yeah.
495s As far as the events go those will be you know, they're in the game until the middle of July.
501s But the horizontal pass is permanent in the game.
504s That'll just be around for players whenever.
506s Yeah.
506s So even if players come back later on they'll still be able to check that out.
509s But yeah the events right now are pretty, you know, we're really happy with how players are able to progress.
515s Obviously we have you know, Kanon's video he's going to dive into all those different events in that video.
520s In terms of like just coming back to the game, obviously the passes like kind of help you accelerate through some of those raids.
526s And, you know, we're talking about how they get you to kind of normal Thaemine at 1610.
531s What are some of the other things that you're like experiencing as you come back to the game that might be helpful for a new player?
536s Like, are there like types of raids or things to learn in the raids that you would recommend, like as players kind of prepare for Thaemine?
545s Yeah, I think, I think it's a little bit easier now to actually get acclimated to the raids.
554s Like gatekeeping obviously exists in every MMO, but like the fact that you're essentially getting to start at, uhm what's her name?
565s 1490.
567s Brel.
567s Brelshaze.
568s But also the other Legion raids before it.
569s Oh my God, Vykas, and Valtan, all those things.
572s Like if you do do that, you're not just immediately jailed.
576s Like you can, you can do it with people that can essentially clear when you want to clear for you and kind of walk you through that, assuming that you have friends and party members that that can do that for you.
586s So I think it is a little bit easier to get acclimated to these raids.
590s And to be perfectly honest, for me, I really like the newer raids better.
595s Like, I, I really like Valtan.
597s I thought Vykas was pretty fun.
599s And then after it, like, I know Stoopzz likes Clown, but I thought a Clown was okay.
603s But then Brell kind of lost me.
605s If I'm going to be perfectly honest, I was kind of like, okay, it's good, but it's, I don't know.
610s And then when I came back and I started doing, Kayangel, and Akkan.
615s Kayangel's a stinker.
615s Really?
616s I do not like Kayangel.
617s I love Kayangel.
618s There's no way.
619s You're out of your mind.
621s Akkan is amazing.
621s You're lying, there's not a shot.
623s I love it.
624s He reall does.
624s What classes you play again?
625s Glavier, Deathblade.
627s I mean, I can list all 14 of my classes.
630s Yeah.
630s All right, they're all 1640, I know.
634s I don't know.
634s I don't know, it just teleports too much.
636s Leaves too often.
637s This phase is too fast.
638s But Akkan is great.
639s Akkan is good.
641s And the last one that I did.
644s Voldis.
644s Voldis, yeah.
644s Voldis is fun.
645s We watched your prog when you came back.
647s It was super entertaining.
648s Yeah, yeah.
648s It was just some random morning.
650s We saw him progging Voldis and it was just like.
652s We had one of our, one of our friends ATK the call with him as well.
658s And he's just screaming.
659s Hit the boss!
660s Hit the boss!
661s And it's like.
662s It's almost like jarring watching the new play experience because like, when you play the game enough, right?
666s Because just because of the way that Lost Ark is, you do the same raid just like, hundreds of times you almost become jaded about what it's like because you've just gotten used to going through the motions of these raids.
677s You know the fights so well.
679s You see someone doing a raid for the first time, and you're like, I mean, that.
684s That's crazy.
685s It's so chaotic.
686s Yeah.
687s Yeah, I did, and I told Albert, ATK, I told him I was like, okay.
692s I was doing it with ATK and Honed, one of the people in our community.
696s And I was like, all right, you guys know the fight.
699s You guys, you guys do your thing.
700s But don't tell me how the mechanics work or the patterns until after I die to them.
705s So like, I went in there essentially blind.
707s Personally blind.
708s Yeah.
709s But obviously we had the power to clear whenever, so it wasn't like a complete jail because they have gear and they know what the fights are like.
715s And I went in there and I'm trying to figure out these things.
718s I'm just like, what is happening?
721s So yeah, it was a lot of fun.
723s Were there like types of patterns or things that you struggled with, whether that was like maintaining uptime while doing the patterns or like what kind of things would you recommend, like newer players trying to figure out the balance between?
734s What do you mean?
735s He doesn't know because he's making a lot of mistakes.
737s Uptime.
738s This guy's running around doing laps.
739s I don't know what's going on.
741s Just like, attack the boss.
742s Yeah, he's doing laps.
745s Were they're just like, types of mechanics or something that you struggled to, like, learn in particular that you might recommend players, focus on that might be harder for them?
754s Okay.
754s Honestly, I think what Lost Ark actually does a pretty good job on is taking previous patterns and adding them to, like the most recent fight slash adding on them.
765s That's really true.
766s Yeah.
766s Kind of leveling them up as you progress.
768s So since I've done the previous Legion raids, it was kind of like, oh, I'm going to do the same mech.
774s You know what I mean?
774s You know what that is.
775s You can just say the OG name, the original name, right.
777s And then.
777s Yeah.
778s And everyone knows Medusa means don't look.
780s Right, right, right.
781s Yeah.
781s So I think, I don't think there's anything in particular that's like too difficult to learn.
789s But there are a few that might be a little ping sensitive, but I thought, I thought overall it was pretty easy to learn.
796s I think we were saying earlier, though, just because Kanon coming back, there's a guy named Revell.
802s He makes really cool YouTube videos about Lost Ark, but he's also getting into the game as a new person, and it was really.
808s He had an all of the horizontal and gone through all of it.
812s It's a really interesting journey.
813s And he just actually recently cleared Akkan so I got to watch that too.
816s And but and for him, he did it all without the horizontal express.
821s And he actually said he preferred that right.
823s But then for some of my other friends, I think what's so cool about the event is that you can just get your like, if you got a buddy, you can say, hey, hop into the game, we can just play some raids, right?
832s Like that's a lot of how it'll go.
834s Most MMO that I've played it's like, you try to convince your friends to play, like Yo, play this game with me, right?
839s So if you have the ability to like, if you want, go through the horizontal and get all those runes that you need.
845s Because I've had friends before is like, oh, if you want to play Lunar Reaper, you have to go form those wealth runes.
850s And that sucks.
851s Yeah, you know what I mean?
851s It's a lot.
853s You might be into that.
854s But if you're not, it's kind of.
855s Yeah.
856s It prevents you from like playing the build of the class.
858s So just being able to instantly hop in with some buddies and get over that horizontal like hurdle.
864s I think it's huge, cause there's not a lot of games right now that you can just instantly hop in and experience Lost Ark's combat, which is what, at least for me, why I still play the game.
872s The combat is just so fun.
874s The class launches are so fun and obviously the raids are fun.
876s But mostly the combat and the classes.
877s So I think the ability just to hop in is huge.
880s I mean, even if you didn't want to stick with the game for like a long time, even if you wanted to be a tourist and just be like, oh, you know, why are people playing the game?
889s What makes Lost Ark unique?
891s You can literally just like jump in, play some raids, and then if you want to commit to the grind going forward from there, then you can.
898s That's what I say all the time.
899s Exactly.
900s Like why not?
901s It's, it's like a zero commitment thing.
904s I say hop in whenever there's a hyper express.
906s Like, oh, is now the time to try the game?
908s Is it a good time?
909s I'm like dude just hop in with the event, try out the new class and I bet you're going to have fun then.
913s No, don't worry about like, the raids or whatever.
914s Just like try out some guardians, try out the combat.
916s Because when I first started playing the game, like that's what got me hooked.
919s Just the sound effects and like, playing the class like, yo, this is sick.
923s Breaker sound effects are pretty sick.
923s Yeah.
924s They're huge.
924s Right?
925s Okay, well, if you were someone coming in, right?
927s And let's say you were a bit more, what's the word I'm looking for?
934s Reserved.
935s Right.
936s Because that's literally the opposite of what you are.
938s Yeah, sure.
939s Yeah.
939s So how would you go on about.
940s Is that a jab or like?
942s It might be.
942s Okay.
942s A lot of people, they talk about, like they come in and think they can find partues.
948s Yeah.
949s They don't want to be the person who makes the party.
951s Because that's the advice that we always give is like, yeah, you know, if you can't find a party, make one yourself.
956s But like, not everyone wants to do that.
957s And a lot of people actually suffer from that kind of like anxiety, not only in Lost Ark, but I've seen in other games as well.
962s They don't want to be the person who takes the initiative to gather the people, but they don't know what resources to actually find people.
967s And I mean, it is a criticism of Lost Ark, there is no alternative gearing path, right?
973s They've talked about like other ways to segue players, new players during the Korean yearly conference LOAON and they talked about things like solo raids and whatnot.
985s And a lot of people are excited about that, right?
987s The ability to just like, start the game and, you know, just experience a combat without having it on your own.
993s No stress.
994s Right?
994s Because once you're in a party, I think new people, they stress out a lot.
998s They're like, oh, what if I mess up?
999s Yeah.
1000s Right.
1000s Yeah.
1000s It's like a big fear of new people.
1002s So like, how would you go about like, That was the question I was going to ask.
1005s I was just like, okay.
1008s Okay, okay.
1010s How would you start if you were new to get your foot in the door?
1014s It sounds like, it sounds like such a plug, but honestly.
1016s You're gonna say something?
1018s I kind of had one for it, if you're open for it.
1020s Well, I got one too.
1021s So let's hear yours first.
1022s Well I was going to plug your LFG discord first of all.
1024s All right.
1024s There you go.
1025s Stoopzz and, you know, a bunch of other creators have made that Discord, and I'll let you talk to that in a second.
1030s But I'll say one thing that I've done personally with my guild and some of the people that I've found playing Lost Ark is our guild, like, advertises, that we're open to accepting new players into the guild and willing to teach any of the raids as long as they're willing to, like, learn and, you know, play with the guild and stuff like that.
1046s So I think there are a lot of communities and sometimes they can, if you're not that proactive, can be harder to find them.
1052s But if you're something you're interested in and you want to get into the game, I would say there's a lot of communities that you can find.
1057s Yeah.
1057s 100%.
1058s I mean, I definitely for me as well, like when I started really playing the game, it was your guild and like your friends that I was like, okay, I'm ready to learn.
1067s And I went into a couple Valtans with just a couple people I knew, like really early on.
1071s And I was like, okay, I can figure this out, but like, it's a totally different experience playing with people that are like, totally willing to teach you and willing to like, go through those steps with you and like, have fun with it versus kind of going into a PUG.
1084s So I think that's huge.
1084s Yeah, it's such a big thing.
1085s I mean, just to touch on that, we do have the LFG discord.
1088s But there's so many of those actually in that discord, depending on the region that you're currently in, even though they're going to be merged.
1094s We have links to other helping discord specifically for your region too.
1099s But, just how would I go about approaching these situations?
1103s I think ultimately you have to find a community of people, which that's what makes Lost Ark an MMO.
1108s It's kind of sometimes the games don't feel like very MMO ish, right?
1110s Because you're doing a lot of solo solo content.
1112s But the reality is like having friends in Lost Ark is such an advantage because a lot of the endgame content is group content, so you do have to find people to play with.
1121s And, you got to find a place where you guys share something in common.
1125s I, I it's a plug, but I really think Twitch is a great place.
1128s Obviously there's drops that go off often.
1131s But you can find people that will easily help you there if you just ask.
1136s And I think what makes, like having friends in Lost Ark is so OP because it doesn't matter what your class is, what your gear is.
1143s I have friends that haven't played in a long time.
1144s When they hop back in their gear is awful, but I'm like yo, like let's let's do Akkan, right?
1149s And so if you have friends, you don't have to worry so much about, like your character, your engravings, yourgems, your setups, because people are going to help you and most people overgear the content anyway.
1157s So even just having one person.
1159s Just having one buddy.
1160s That you duo with just makes a world of a difference week by week.
1164s But it makes not only does it give advantage and it's they have a bunch of alt and you can rotate in, not only is it an advantage, but it makes the content way more fun if you've got someone to play with.
1174s So I know it's hard.
1175s Like, I know for a lot of people, making friends in games isn't exactly what it used to be.
1179s Isn't that crazy?
1180s We play MMOs, and MMOs have just become so antisocial.
1183s You, youdo all of your raids in a static of people, right?
1188s Yeah I do most of them like that.
1189s I think if you're listening, go to Twitch, reach out to a Discord, make that first step.
1194s And then if you find just one person that can make the whole experience worth it.
1197s Great.
1198s So it sounds like right now is a really good time for players to return.
1201s Well, it's always a good time for players to return, apparently, but with all the progression events, lots of good pieces of advice like finding a community to play with is super helpful.
1210s I know it was for me.
1212s And just taking some time to get acclimated to all of the different Legion raids will help you kind of learn the game and figure out you know, how you need to progress and get better, better and better and progress all the way into eventually being able to play Thaemine.
1227s As most of you probably know, Thaemine is coming out on April 17th.
1232s With that April update.
1234s It's not only the legion raid that's going to drop, but there are a couple new other systems in games, that we'll get to, as well as the new balance patch.
1244s One of those systems coming is the Transcendence system.
1247s So, Henry, do you want to get a little bit into it, just like a high level of what that is and what players should expect?
1252s Yeah, for sure.
1253s I can give a quick like intro to it, but we can talk about it more kind of after Thaemineand maybe some strategies on how to use it through Thaemine.
1260s But it's a new system for increasing your power level.
1264s Kind of similar to elixirs in the facet of it's imbuing your gear with more power rather than adding new like gear that you have to hone or new honing systems in that way.
1275s But it will give a pretty substantial power and defense increase for both attacking and support playstyles.
1282s Cool.
1283s So with Thaemine about release, as like the final Legion ran against the final Legion Commander.
1289s What are some of the things y'all are like most looking forward to, or most excited about, any particular parts of this release?
1296s I am looking forward to.
1298s Well, I'm anxiously excited about the raid because I know the raid is really challenging.
1303s It's very normal pattern heavy.
1305s And so I got some good advice from my dear friend Saintone.
1310s And I did an application process.
1311s We had 67 applicants of those I ended up just picking my friends.
1316s This is the third time I've told this joke, so you need to laugh at it.
1319s Rigged!
1319s Yeah, I rigged it, but it was a rigged process.
1324s But I had to pick on my friends because, honestly, I just wanted.
1327s I just wanted to make sure that I enjoyed the experience of being in there, because that is going to be the most challenging Legion raid probably to date.
1335s And, a lot of people are taking off work for this if they're so seriously trying to clear.
1340s And, I just want to make sure that the experience is fun.
1344s Right?
1344s Most Legion raids you usually clearly in like a day, but obviously we've seen it in other regions.
1348s It takes sometimes up to like two weeks.
1350s Right.
1351s And so if that's the case, I'd rather pick people that I know that I can depend on versus just people that maybe have like the best, the most experience in other content or maybe the best gear possible.
1362s So I'm looking forward to it for that.
1364s That's definitely the way to go about it, because like, in my experience, a lot of the groups that recruited for it, they, they didn't end up being able to last because when we when we went through it, we thought it was going to be a raid that was going to be over in like a couple days, right, tops.
1383s So people would set aside like a couple days off from work and stuff like that, at best.
1388s And then, you know, five days in my group dismantled because there was like differences and what people wanted to do.
1395s Some people wanted to go for a top three region clear.
1397s Some wanted to do like top ten region clear.
1400s And just that difference just made it really evident that we weren't on the same page when the group formed in the first place.
1405s And so if you're going to be recruiting for this raid, it is a very challenging raid.
1410s He is, he is that guy.
1412s Okay.
1413s You've seen him since like earlier in the game story.
1417s All he says is hmm.
1417s He didn't even say anything.
1418s And he's menacing.
1419s And so it's like, find the right people to play with because you you might be in there for a little while just because it's it's challenging.
1427s It's to tee things off.
1428s It's the end of the the the Legion commander arc.
1431s I wanna let you chime in too, because I know that you're going to be doing, the raid as well.
1436s But I did want to just touch on that, that I have been.
1439s I mean, me and you started playing the game around the same time, actually, back in the day.
1443s And I've been looking at that Legion Commander screen, you know, as they add new commanders at the top for so long.
1450s And I'm, I'm just ready to take on Thaemine, and then kind of just take on a new chapter of Lost Ark.
1457s It's definitely the end of this chapter.
1459s And, I'm excited about that.
1461s I'm nervous for how the encounter is going to go.
1463s I don't know if I'm going to grief with my group, but uh.
1465s It's fun though.
1467s Like, not.
1468s Not like griefing.
1472s I mean that is going to be going on.
1472s The raid though.
1473s It's just, it's a super different kind of raid.
1476s Right?
1476s Maybe some people had some difficulty with Brel because the, the gimmicks were like really challenging and they were very mentally taxing.
1484s Thaemine is like very different.
1485s Like, again, I'm not really sure if I can say this, but he's as close to you'll ever get to like a Souls-like, like a Soul-like kind of boss.
1492s Yeah, it's very normal pattern heavy.
1494s And you're dependent, you're depending on your teammates to just, like, acclimate to the patterns, dodge them because they're very multilayered.
1501s They're a lot more complicated than the usual patterns of Lost Ark, but that's what makes it fun.
1506s He's a physically taxing fight more than mentally taxing.
1510s I think for you it'll be fun too, because this will be, since you have come back to the game with all the events and everything that's going on, you're having to kind of learn the raids that everyone else already knows.
1518s But this will be your opportunity to learn alongside other people, right?
1521s Yeah, yeah.
1523s To be honest, I'm kind of interested, I'm curious as to how NA/EU going to do with this raid in comparison to like the Korean prog?
1533s I wasn't following the Korean progress as as you were.
1537s Like you had like a watch party going on and everything, but, I know it took a while, right?
1542s Like, I know it was like a big deal.
1544s And, you know, there's a lot of people right now currently depending on when this video is published.
1549s But right now, as we're filming, there's a lot of people that are kind of speculating, you know, the Russian teams or the Russian guilds or teams or, you know, the Russian region.
1558s It took them this long to clear it.
1560s And, I don't know, obviously our version in the West, a lot of people have guides already.
1567s You know, ATK is already putting out his guides and whatnot.
1570s And, yeah.
1572s Memorizer has some to.
1573s Yeah, yeah, Memorizer has got another guide.
1574s I think those are the only two guide so far, and I'm sure there will be other guides as well, but, NA, the West is.
1579s We need Henry to make some guides.
1580s I think Henry should definitely bust out some raid guides.
1583s I think it'd be great, though.
1584s Michael?
1585s I don't know, man.
1585s Guys?
1586s Official AGS Guides.
1587s I swear Henry could make some amazing guides, I feel like that's amazing content.
1592s Well, I actually want to know, too, Henry.
1593s Yeah, you've talked about, I know you're really excited to go through it, but like, what are your...
1599s Because Saint was talking about like different people in his like group had different goals.
1604s Like what are your goals for the raid?
1605s I don't think I've actually talked to you about this.
1607s Yeah.
1607s So I mean, we're obviously talking about the First in a little bit, which is like a whole nother aspect to this.
1614s My group, we're just going to go right into hard mode, I think, and try that out.
1618s We're just, you know, focused on clearing it.
1621s What I do is I try and do, like a semi blind prog.
1624s Obviously, I need to, like, know a lot about the raid for work and for my job.
1628s So I'll learn like what it's about, you know, watch some, you know, I've seen Saint play it probably like 5 or 6 times at this point.
1635s But in terms of the like, I don't memorize all the normal patterns.
1638s That's the kind of thing that I like to experience blind and feel fresh as I'm going through it.
1642s So for me, I'm super excited to just like learn all the normal patterns, try and maximize my uptime.
1648s I think that's just going to make the raid so much so fun is because it is going to be so many normal patterns, right?
1654s And that's like really the difficulty of the fight.
1656s You can't really practice that.
1656s Yeah, you know, reading a guide or watching a guide can only prepare you so much.
1661s Usually you have to get hit by something before you realize, oh I need to.
1665s Yeah, yeah, the timing of it with your abilities, and all that stuff.
1668s I'm also a really greedy player, so I know I'm going to wipe my team a ton of times.
1672s Yeah.
1672s So apologies to them if they're watching this video.
1675s Yeah I think what's cool too is that it's going to be a raid that I do think a lot of players that take advantage of the event can get to like a 1610 and 1630.
1685s 1630 is definitely a hard item level to reach.
1687s You have to be an active player playing a lot, but 1610 with the events that we have and all of them going into that, I think, I have a bunch of friends that again, I've convinced like, you know, hop into the game there's an event going on.
1698s I said, I'll do Thaemine normal with them.
1700s Yeah.
1700s And so I'm looking forward to that because it just going to be me and a bunch of my friends, which they're not very good, but neither am I so.
1705s It's the experience.
1705s That's what normals are for.
1707s Yeah, yeah for sure.
1709s Yeah I'm excited for that.
1710s Yeah that's my goal.
1711s Clear, clear hard is I want to do the First eventually.
1715s I don't know if I'll be racing.
1717s But I think trying that difficulty eventually.
1719s The cool thing about the First is it's not an equalized content unlike, unlike Inferno difficulties.
1725s So, you know, with that power system that you guys brushed on Transcendence as time goes on and you develop that system from just doing normal and hard mode, you'll get stronger.
1736s And some of the stress and difficulty of doing the First, slowly goes away.
1742s Just because your group is pushing a lot more damage.
1744s It can be as hard as you want it, right?
1745s Yeah.
1745s The sooner you challenge it, the harder it is.
1748s And then it can just get to a point where, you know.
1753s There's like just no DPS check whatsoever.
1755s Yeah.
1757s Now, in the Korean version in the game, actually, the First was just an event.
1762s It only stayed for six months because as time goes on, we're getting introduced to more power systems that are just slowly trivializing it more and more from future raids.
1772s I don't know if you guys can talk to this, but is the First, also, like a six month or temporary event in the Western version?
1781s I think that's the current plan.
1782s We should be able to announce the dates and in like the full release that we do.
1786s Yeah, I think we will.
1787s One thing that I can, definitely guarantee is that there is enough time where you don't have to FOMO it.
1795s Like, if you challenge it in like 4 or 5 months later down the line, you'll have enough time to clear it.
1802s You know, I've seen all of my friends clear it with enough time and practice.
1808s So speaking of time to clear it though, it is going to be fun to see all the different regions, EU, NA.
1815s And there's even a crazy group in South America.
1817s His name is Kai, he's a Ester 8 Sharpshooter.
1820s He's huge.
1821s His group, dude his group is going to be...
1823s I think they're going to stream it too.
1825s So that's going to be.
1826s He's the only Ester 8 sharpshooter that exists.
1828s I don't know, no one plays that class, but except me, but.
1831s For now.
1833s Yeah.
1833s For now.
1835s I'm probably switching to Breaker.
1836s By the time of this recording.
1837s I may be on a Breaker for Thaemine.
1838s I'm not sure yet, but.
1841s Yeah, it's gonna be really fun to see all these people competing.
1843s So if you do want to tune in, I think that'll be a fun watch.
1845s Yeah we can get into that a little bit.
1847s Sure.
1847s The Thaemine the first race will actually be starting three days after the April update.
1853s So it's gonna start on Saturday, April 20th.
1857s One thing too, I like that you touched on is like seeing all the different regions compete.
1861s It's going to open at the same time globally, which is 10 a.m.
1864s PT, 5 p.m.
1866s UTC.
1866s You can convert that to wherever you are in the world.
1870s So we're going to have kind of global, well, global in the West leaderboards, to kind of follow along and see who really is like the first group that is going to clear and where they're from.
1880s And then, of course, players in each region, those top ten kind of groups will get their own like per region, rewards in game.
1888s But yeah, having that kind of moment where all the players in the West are going to come out and compete for that kind of those top spots, I think is going to be really, really exciting to watch.
1899s Well, a few questions on that.
1900s So the First, literally the mode it's it opens a few days after the patch?
1905s Yes.
1907s Yeah, the reason for that is in the western version you have to clear hard mode before you're eligible to clear the First.
1913s That happened in Russia too.
1915s Yeah, that was unique.
1917s And then the rewards in in Korea, the the first place team, they ended up getting special emotes made of the party members.
1930s Is there similar rewards for Western players if, should they, you know, be able to challenge and get that position?
1935s So there will be like the top tier rewards that are the in-game stuff, the titles, the stronghold structures.
1943s I can probably throw it to Roxx, we're planning on doing, an emote competition to add new emotes into the game.
1949s But you know, in Korea it was obviously like it had that extra layer of the prog and kind of immortalizing those players, right?
1956s Because it's not that exact same experience we wanted to open that up to the whole community.
1960s That's cool though.
1960s That's going to be another emote contest.
1963s Yeah.
1963s At the time of this video, that will already be ongoing.
1966s Really?
1966s Yeah.
1966s I tried getting some in there last time.
1970s None of them popped up.
1973s None of those.
1975s Yeah, it'll be cool to do that.
1976s And we know it's not exactly the same as kind of having those characters immortalized, but.
1979s No, I think we all.
1980s It's good.
1981s The cool thing is we actually all use the Western emotes there.
1984s So.
1985s It's really good.
1986s They're really.
1987s Yeah.
1987s Genuinely, like I know this based on data from our BI team, they are all the top used emotes in the game in the West.
1993s Yeah.
1994s Can you, can you say the most used one is it Stare?
1996s Stare has to be it.
1997s That's my top one for sure.
2000s Dude you sent me that in a DM.
2001s I DMed you, you responded with Stare.
2004s I actually don't remember off the top of my head.
2008s The Shy one is pretty popular too.
2009s I was going to say, I think it's either the Shy one or the Stare.
2013s Jail is probably used quite a bit.
2017s Maybe with you Stoopzz.
2017s I don't know, it's kind of weird.
2018s I don't know what's going on.
2019s Everyone just uses it in my parties, not sure why.
2021s They do it on purpose.
2022s Yeah.
2022s But yeah, that'll give players a cool opportunity to kind of, create something to come out at the same time and they won't be quite ready to use, you know, in those first clears.
2033s But to have a lot going at the same time when a lot of people are kind of back to the game and excited about it.
2038s Yeah.
2038s And the ones in Korea, they had like a lot of cool different ones and different styles.
2042s Our last emote competition was Mokoko focused.
2045s This one's going to be on all the characters in Lost Ark.
2048s Oh that's cool.
2050s If people want to have things that are like, you know, maybe a meme with some of the characters that aren't just Mokokos.
2053s We can have Thaemine emotes, and that's going to be sick.
2056s Yeah.
2057s That's great.
2058s This is good news.
2059s Echidna emotes?
2060s Too soon?
2060s Probably too soon.
2063s She's...
2063s we'll see.
2063s We'll see what people come up.
2064s Yeah.
2065s With all the NPCs, Mokokos are also welcome because we're not gonna say no.
2067s Community voted right?
2068s Yeah.
2068s Yeah, we'll select the finalists.
2073s But yeah, it'll be really great to get those in the game as kind of an exciting thing going on at the same time as well.
2078s I think, I think, are you going to what is your plan for that?
2082s Actually, just to kick it back to the first thing, because I think I'm going to go for it.
2086s For Hard or Thaemine the First?
2088s Well, maybe for hard mode and depending on how bad it is and which, which or how hard it is at least, and how my friends hold up and shape up and yeah, and how much time they can take off work.
2097s Maybe.
2099s I'll probably try it, you know what I mean?
2102s I don't know, we'll see how it goes.
2103s Are you going to try the First mode?
2106s I think I'm in the same boat as you.
2107s Just see how it goes?
2108s My expectations.
2110s Like, I don't have super high expectations, but, I mean, you know me personally.
2113s What do you mean by that?
2113s Well, like, I'm not, it's I'm not going into this thinking, okay I'm trying to get first place here.
2120s Yeah.
2120s We're going to try to do the best we can.
2124s I'm not going for that either.
2124s We're not going for the first clear.
2125s I'm just saying.
2125s I'm just going to have a good time.
2127s Like me and my group, like, we're still trying to form a group.
2130s I think we got about half our party done.
2132s I'm going in with a couple other content creators, who are also returning.
2138s We're pretty excited about doing it.
2140s That's going to be fun to watch.
2141s Yeah, yeah.
2142s When you're progging on content, do you listen to your own music or do you listen to the in-game music?
2147s Depends on the music.
2148s I listen to in-game music.
2149s That's a dangerous call for Thaemine.
2150s If it's ten, if it's ten hours of opera, you're gonna you're gonna need ten hours of opera?
2154s I did it for Brel.
2158s Phantom opera.
2158s That's Brel.
2158s That song is hard for me.
2162s Brel's OST is GOATed.
2163s It's a amazing.
2164s Thaemine's OST is really good.
2165s But yeah, it does induce a certain sleepiness after a certain amount of time.
2169s My favorite is Akkan though.
2171s The like, heavy metal.
2172s That's so sick.
2172s Akkan's is sick.
2172s Incredible.
2173s I enjoyed that one a lot.
2174s Clown I actually got.
2178s When progged Clown for the first time.
2180s I remember laying in bed and hearing cloud music.
2183s I'm not kidding.
2184s It was me.
2185s BardBard and Newky, were in there for.
2187s On RU?
2189s On RU at the time when I first started playing the game and yeah, I was literally hearing clown music and I woke up like HUH.
2194s Like it was bad.
2195s I'm like, it was bad.
2196s Ready to dodge the saw coming at you?
2199s It's easier nowadays though.
2200s They made some changes to it.
2201s The way the saws don't.
2202s I actually tested that.
2203s I ran through a few of the saws.
2205s Yeah, they still killed me but.
2206s But all right, so we talked a lot about like playing with your friends in that kind of team comp in terms of like actual game mechanics Saint, obviously you've played the raid a ton.
2215s Are there any things that for people that are still looking to form their parties that you might recommend, like in terms of like stagger output, weak point, you know, the like all the key mechs in the game?
2224s So the raid itself, in in the second gate, there is actually a mechanic where everybody needs to counter.
2232s But outside of that, it's kind of weird because some gates, like, you don't need a counter at all, and then there's some gates where it's like super important.
2240s And then like, as far as, like stagger and all that kind of stuff goes, like here and there it's useful.
2245s I would say that the most useful thing, though, is.
2250s Try to pay attention to your defense as you go into the raid, because since the patterns are so multi-layered, when you're learning the raid, it's kind of hard to avoid like everything.
2262s You might think a pattern is over.
2265s It's got like 2 or 3 more swings in it.
2267s You get hit and then Thaemine, he hits really hard.
2270s So like a war of attrition?
2271s Yeah.
2272s It's actually like a like a slugfest.
2275s Like you're slapping him.
2276s He's slapping you back.
2278s Yeah.
2278s And so, having a little bit of extra defense is actually pretty useful because if you die because, you know, you're sitting on, like, let's say like 110,000 HP and you think you're safe, and then boom, he hits you and then all your HP is gone because you're playing a squishy class.
2295s It's kind of hard to carry on without you because while the DPS checks aren't that bad in Thaemine a dead DPS doesn't do DPS.
2302s Yeah.
2302s And so if the pull has to reset because, you know, you got nuked, it can be tough if it's early on because, you know, these pulls are really long.
2312s And so one of my recommendations is, try to pay attention to your defense.
2317s The quality of your armor is having a bit more HP.
2320s In Korea, what a lot of people did for progging is, for the last gate, they took Ether Predator in place of, like a weaker AP engraving, like Cursed Doll or something.
2332s Just because that extra defense is nice and it doesn't take that long to stack, you know, three, four minutes to stack it all the way to 30 stacks.
2339s But the fight is, like 20 plus minutes long, it's like, that's a pretty good trade off.
2343s If it means that, like a potentially field pull can keep going because you survive something that would otherwise kill you.
2349s I remember people were doing that.
2351s And if not Ether Predator, there's like other options like, if like with your elixirs on the chest piece, there's a special option for defense.
2359s I'm rocking one of those.
2360s Yeah.
2361s It's actually really good.
2362s I've heard a lot of supports do like a Crisis nvasion plus one.
2365s Yeah they definitely have to bring that.
2366s This is the first raid, I would say in a very, if not ever, where supports can actually be threatened just as much as a DPS.
2374s Yeah.
2375s If not because of gravity death, then because just the raw damage output from the boss is so high.
2380s Your job is to live, you know, as a support.
2382s You have to make sure you're alive.
2384s This is definitely a raid where like if the support goes down, the DPSes are really, they're really at the mercy of the boss.
2391s And so I think just having a little bit of extra defense would just go a long way.
2395s I know having like upgrading the weapon is cool.
2397s I love spending a few million gold just for 1% damage increase.
2400s It's awesome yeah.
2401s But also there has been some information going around about a hidden mechanic called the Defense Gate and and it's just this really obscure mechanic.
2410s Basically, the more you upgrade your armor, the the less damage you take.
2414s Everyone already knows that.
2415s But then there's like a hidden extra damage that you take and it's, it's been in the game since forever.
2421s Thaemine has it too, but I wouldn't focus too much on it.
2424s It's not actually that relevant.
2426s Just, you know.
2427s He's referring to your armor pieces.
2430s Yeah.
2430s You don't need your armor to be at a specific amount, but.
2436s Just.
2436s If you're a squishier class, try to have some form of defense in there and I think it'll help you a lot during your prog.
2442s Are there any like, tips for supports that you would say other than, you know, stay alive?
2446s Don't die.
2448s How to best like keep your teammates alive?
2451s I can at least comment on what we're having our supports do, I guess, because obviously I haven't been in the raid yet.
2457s This is going to be the first Legion raid that I haven't done ahead of time, by the way.
2461s So this is going to be my first going into Thaemine.
2463s I specifically didn't want to spoil this one.
2467s I think just one of the things is that as a support, you're really used to just., you know, keeping up your brand, your AP buff.
2477s But a lot of the time, there's not many opportunities to DR, or damage reduction and like farm content when you're going through like your weeklies because no one's taking a ton of damage.
2490s But in this raid, it's going to be really important to make sure that you DR certain patterns if you can help.
2495s So doing Hell Mode content, if possible, if you have some friends or going in with their group can really help with that because the bosses just do a lot more damage.
2502s And so there are patterns that you can just practice DRing and getting closer with your support.
2506s So if you got a group of friends bringing them into hell mode, I think will be beneficial for them to learn how to DR more often.
2513s Because again, it's kind of a maybe you're using a just for gauge or just trying to go through your cycles as fast as possible to go through the content as fast as possible.
2520s But having more effective DRs, I think will be helpful, at least for this raid.
2523s And then Saint you also mentioned earlier just talking about like how Transcendence will help with the First difficulty, just even as people are playing through kind of normal and hard, are there any like strats that you would recommend for what players should look for first, as they're trying to upgrade and use that system?
2540s Transcendence is...
2543s It takes a while for the actual benefits of transcendence to kick in.
2547s So the first few weeks you're not really going to get much out of it.
2551s By the end of the system, it offers like a good, like 16 to 19% additional damage and then for supports and makes your buff potency a lot stronger, even more so than elixirs.
2563s Yeah.
2563s And so there's a lot of power to be gained there, but you won't really notice it for quite a while, so I wouldn't rely on that for sure.
2571s Okay.
2572s I want...
2572s this is like so out there.
2575s But like I do know I think it took, obviously was totally blind in Korea when it came out, but around two weeks or so it took some time in Russia.
2583s I just want everybody's like guess for how long they think.
2587s I don't know, how fast you're going to clear hard mode.
2588s I think there's a I think there is a group.
2591s I was actually going to ask that earlier.
2592s Or how fast someone might clear Thaemine the First.
2593s I think there is a group.
2595s Well, I think getting hard mode in and the First in one week is going to be really hard to do.
2602s I do 100% believe there's teams on a couple of the regions that we'll do hard mode week one, but you have to wait the three days right to start the First right?
2612s So they can't hop into it right away.
2615s An they have to clear hard first.
2616s Yes.
2616s Yeah.
2616s So I mean, you know, three days to do hards is already kind of challenging, but let's say they're able to get through it quickly, but doesn't give them a ton of time to get through the First.
2623s And just based on what I've seen elsewhere, the first mode still takes even after you cleared hard mode, it still takes.
2631s Even though it's similar a similar fight, it's still it takes a little bit extra time.
2636s Just because you don't get to reset your potions in gate four, and obviously the damage checks are a bit higher, so you can't really lose anyone either.
2643s So I don't know.
2644s I think it's possible to see week one on our region.
2647s Is that for the first or for hard mode?
2650s For sure.
2650s Hard mode.
2651s I think we'll see some clears.
2652s Yeah.
2652s The first I think it's possible.
2655s But if not, I think ten.
2656s My prediction is ten days.
2659s What about you, Saint?
2659s I want to know because you were like, in it.
2661s In Korea.
2661s I'm really curious because this April, I mean, last time this goes up, it'll it will be April, but, in the Korean region, Smilegate mentioned that after the first goes away in Korea, they would apply additional nerfs to, to hard mode and normal mode.
2683s And I'm curious what the timing of that will be if people will actually be able to experience that, or if he'll just come later on, like way later down the line.
2693s But overall I do.
2695s Yeah, 100%.
2696s I think hard mode will be cleared in the first week.
2699s There's a lot of people that are taking it very seriously that are like studying the fight very in-depth.
2706s Some of them have even had some experience in the raid already, which will help a lot.
2711s But, unless you, like, assemble like a full group of people that have experienced the fight, you're only as strong as your weakest link in that fight because it's just like, you know, it just takes a while for everyone to learn the patterns.
2725s And so I 100% hard mode first week and then as far as the First goes, maybe by the end of the first week it might be possible just depending on like what kind of groups are forming.
2737s But otherwise for most people that are really serious, second or third week.
2741s Do you think that the, because we'll be getting the recent Korean balance changes that weren't in when you guys cleared Thaemine.
2749s Oh those will help.
2749s So you think that will impact that?
2753s Yeah.
2753s I know mages win big fo sure.
2756s Mages suffered big time in that raid that, Summoners, Sorceresses, even Arcanist, to a degree had a pretty tough time.
2763s But after the most recent balance patch, all three of those can actually excel pretty well in that raid.
2769s Between that and then the lower spacebar cooldowns.
2773s Having extra mobility to save you in a pinch is so big as well.
2776s And then there was.
2777s There's defense coefficient upgrades too right?
2779s There's defense coefficient that's also massive.
2781s And then even like the existence of like Breaker for those for those who are able to raise it high enough or even.
2788s Just, just this guy.
2789s Like this guy.
2790s Yeah.
2791s It's not just me.
2791s There's other people out there, but it might be me.
2793s I might be out there.
2794s He might.
2794s He's bringing a breaker too.
2795s I got a Breaker man.
2796s Yeah.
2797s And then the other, other classes are really strong too.
2800s For, like.
2801s Like like Deathblade is super strong.
2803s We have two in our party.
2804s It's a, it's a really positional friendly fight overall.
2807s Especially if you're playing a back attacker that you'll, you'll be surprised that these like higher ceiling classes that typically have a hard time against bosses that turn around a lot can can really make a huge difference after all these balance patches in terms of because, you know, the shorter the fight is, the less patterns you see, the less likely someone's going to die.
2825s If the fight drags on and you know, you're worried that 1 in 8 people might accidentally slip up somewhere.
2831s I feel like the person going around with the trash cans like is a mechanic.
2834s Like an extra hidden raid mechanic in this fight.
2836s So it's like something to work around.
2838s What if it's a security guard and he's just messing with it?
2840s I mean, it seems like it.
2843s All right.
2844s Well, I feel like we've covered quite a lot.
2846s Okay.
2846s Kind of in summary, you know, there's a lot of great progression events right now.
2851s Pretty easy to get up to speed, potentially, and ready fo Thaemine.
2856s Might take a little while to be able to clear, especially with Hard mode, especially especially with the First race at that original super challenging difficulty.
2867s But I think we got a lot of really good kind of tips and insight on how you can do that.
2870s But I think ultimately everyone kind of agreed, you know, you just kind of go in and get bapped until you figure it out.
2876s Yeah, anyone can do it.
2877s There's things you can do, some good tips on defense and guides and whatnot, but you know, you're not going to know until you're in there.
2884s Trust me, if you're watching this.
2885s People beat Dark Souls on the DK 64 drums.
2889s You can beat Thaemine.
2891s I couldn't beat it without a controller.
2893s I will say.
2895s Yeah.
2895s If you haven't played the game in a while, there's like 6 or 7 events going on.
2898s Henry hooked us up.
2899s Wait, what?
2900s There's there's tons of stuff to do in the game right now.
2903s And on top of that.
2907s It's been like.
2909s it's been like two years.
2910s We had our anniversary.
2911s It's been two years.
2912s I never thought we'd be here at Thaemine, done with the Legion commander raids.
2916s So I think it's cool that we're all still here and you're still playing the game.
2919s Shout out to you.
2919s It's a really exciting time, I think.
2921s Yeah.
2921s And you could definitely doThaemine, at least Normal as a new player.
2926s You could be like hey I'm hopping into the game today.
2927s I literally started, I don't know when this is going to go out, but from today's current date, I started.
2933s How long has it been like two weeks or something?
2935s I think to a week or two since I've been back and I am pushing a Breaker, which is essentially a brand new naked character.
2942s I do have my cards and the horizontal and I will defnitely be.
2945s And they buffed the cards too.
2947s They're actually up all the time.
2948s Super exciting time to play the game if you haven't played in a while.
2950s I think right now is actually a great time.
2952s You could absolutely do Thaemine.
2954s Yeah for sure.
2955s And yeah, as a reminder, that raid is going to launch on April 17th and the race will begin on April 20th.
2961s So I'm really excited to see, watch you all play.
2964s Henry's probably going to take some time off to play as well.
2968s We'll see.
2968s This is also my first time hearing the date.
2970s This guy still won't tell me the date.
2972s So like just saying.
2973s Really?
2974s Stoopzz has known for weeks.
2975s Bro.
2975s I mean have not.
2977s Wait, that's a lie.
2979s This is why, see?
2979s This is why I get so many comments.
2980s I would like to keep my job.
2982s I don't know why that's so shocking.
2983s So I'm just saying, like.
2985s That's crazy, man.
2986s I haven't played in a long.
2987s I haven't been in the game for a while.
2987s I'm trying to take off time for the raid, you know, I'm trying to take my time away from my job to do the raid, which my job is also just to play the game so.
2993s Well everyone should know by now, the dates.
2995s 17th.
2996s 17th and First on the 20th.
2998s All right, exciting time.
2999s Wait.
3000s Hold on.
3000s When will the public actually know?
3002s Do we have to like?
3003s They'll probably have by this video.
3004s It'll be out long before this video.
3005s Isn't this video coming out like way later?
3007s Yeah.
3008s No, they'll know before that.
3008s So we okay.
3009s Yeah.
3010s This is not the first time they'll hear it.
3010s So when we stream tomorrow, we still don't know.
3012s You better not.
3013s Okay.
3014s Sir.
3015s Please do not share this.
3019s This is that inside information.
3020s I'm don't I can't win here because I'm like, guys I think it's going to be the 17th.
3024s Like, oh, you know, and then I and then I'm like.
3026s Well now you do know.
3026s Just don't answer the question.
3027s But then I tell Henry's in my chat or Tom's in my chat and I'm like, tell them I don't know.
3032s And they're like, he knows.
3032s And then they just, I have to do it.
3036s They're gonna write "sure." Well stop doing that.
3037s I mean, it's just crazy.
3039s I can't win here.
3041s Well you're not win Thaemine You can win the race.
3043s the First either.
3044s Oh I just said he can't win the race.
3046s That's definitely not going to happen.
3047s It sounds like we're about to end here, but question.
3049s Saint, how long do you think it takes Stoopzz's group to finish?
3055s Oh.
3055s Thaemine Hard.
3056s Listen, I'm just saying, like, honest.
3058s We live in, hold on.
3059s Hard?
3059s Or the first?
3060s We live.
3061s Let's go with hard.
3061s We live in the same household.
3063s I'm going to be there coaching them.
3065s Yeah.
3065s That's right.
3066s Hit the boss!
3072s With Saint's help...
3072s with Saint's help probably, two weeks.
3076s Two days?
3077s Nice.
3077s Good, good answer.
3079s See, this is why he's my roommate.
3080s Yeah.
3080s There you go.
3080s There it is.
3081s It's pretty good.
3082s Good answer.
3083s Two days.
3084s Sure.
3085s How long do think it'll take you Henry?
3087s So I think my group usually like we prog mostly on the weekend.
3093s So our goal is to finish it by weekly reset.
3096s I'm guessing it'll take us probably four, maybe 3 or 4 days.
3099s 3 or 4 days, sir?
3101s For hard?
3103s I mean.
3104s What version we're getting, I don't know, but if we get, depending what we get.
3108s One day longer than you?
3110s That's not that bad.
3110s He said two days is crazy.
3111s He's just lying.
3112s That's not real.
3113s You don't think so?
3114s He's being modest.
3116s Here's a better question.
3117s That.
3118s I thought you said you just picked all the juicers from your chat.
3121s You have, like.
3121s I picked friends.
3122s The power of friendship, sir.
3123s I did not pick all the juicers.
3124s The friendly juicers.
3125s The bot is there, right?
3126s No.
3127s That's right.
3127s It's good they heard it.
3130s How long do you think it'll take this guy to clear the raid?
3132s Well, to be fair.
3133s No no no no I'm passing it back onto him.
3135s He doesn't know my group.
3135s Why is this all getting put on me, first of all?
3139s You're the only one that's cleared it.
3140s You've cleared it, yeah.
3141s True, true.
3143s But Saint has no idea what...
3144s No.
3144s Look at him in his eyes.
3145s Look at his eyes.
3147s Three days?
3147s Four days?
3148s Does he have what it takes, Saint?
3149s Three months?
3150s Four months?
3150s Listen, look, I just.
3151s Well, actually, we can't play.
3152s That's an Amazon Game.
3152s I just took the castle in Throne.
3152s We're bullying the,we're just.
3154s bullying the Mokoko.
3157s We're bullying the Mokoko, right?
3159s I feel like it's.
3160s You confident in your group?
3162s Do you know who all your?
3163s I don't have a group yet like we have half our group.
3165s Kanon, three months.
3168s Kanon's been progging so many raids.
3169s He has like a lot more progging, recent prog experience.
3171s That's true.
3171s To be fair.
3172s He might be a quicker learner than the rest of us at this point.
3175s Me playing breaker.
3176s The fact that I'm like progging, these raids, I'm getting more practice.
3180s That's true.
3181s I'm getting a lot of practice as Breaker right now.
3183s That's not false.
3183s And I'm playing Brawl King Fist Storm Rain Tornado.
3187s Brawl King Storm, sir.
3190s The BKS.
3191s The the BK yeah, yeah.
3192s We can't say that other word.
3193s You got to play sure of that.
3194s Yeah.
3195s Well, if I had to put my money on someone at this table it'll be Henry.
3198s What is going on?
3200s This is this is carrying over from the Debate Club.
3204s Because you're still roasting me.
3205s No he's just very determined!
3206s But why is that a roast?
3208s You don't believe in me, Stoopzz?
3209s It's a compliment to Henry.
3210s You said you wanted me to do Henry guides.
3213s And now you don't even.
3214s You don't even.
3214s That should happen.
3215s You don't even think I can clar Thaemine.
3218s I think every Mokoko should learn from Henry it'd be great content.
3221s I would watch all those guides.
3222s Well, I am really excited to, like, kind of watch everyone get into the raid once you're all streaming and it comes out.
3227s Thanks for joining us today.
3228s I really appreciate having you, again as we sign off here.
3232s I'm Roxx.
3234s This is...
3235s I have Saint, Stoopzz, Henry, Kanon with me.
3238s I figured if I let you guys go around the table, it would get, like, silent and awkward.
3242s So I just said your names for you.
3243s Thank you.
3244s Good outro.
3245s To the players at home.
3246s Definitely be sure to let us know what you thought of this video.
3248s Be sure to comment, like, subscribe!
3250s We've never really done anything like this before, this kind of style.
3253s So we're curious to know.
3253s Like the video, please.
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3256s He asked very nicely.
3257s Yeah, we're really curious to know what you think and kind of let us know what your plans are for Thaemine as well in the comments.
3264s All right.
3265s We'll see you in Arkesia!
3269s The jazz hands.
3270s I forgot about that.
3271s Oh.
3271s The throwback.
3272s I was just double waving.
3273s I mean, you did it.
3274s I was like, oh, the throwback.