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1s hello fellow arcatians my name is ATK
4s and I'm working alongside Amazon games
6s to show you an exciting new class coming
8s up the Slayer
10s Slayer is a recent class that has became
12s a favorite of mine that I'm currently
14s playing a lot she is a female version of
16s the Berserker class who yields a great
18s sword this class's unique attribute is a
21s fury meter just like the male Berserker
23s class this meter fills up as you land
25s attacks on your foes when this meter is
27s full you can Unleash Your rage and enter
30s Berserker mode you will gain additional
32s movement speed attack speed crit rate
35s and additional bonuses based on class
37s Engravings pressing your Z key during
39s transformation will Unleash Your
40s powerful bloodless skill as well
43s the slayer's fighting style and
44s abilities have many variations based on
47s builds and play style preference let's
49s go over her skills first then review the
51s best practices play style and builds
55s the skills are grouped into three
56s categories main DPS meter gain and
59s utility going over the major DPS skills
62s we have Guillotine brutal impact and
65s volcanic eruption there are also skills
67s like Furious claw mounting clave
69s punishing draw and fatal sword that can
71s be used for DPS as well based on your
73s tripods many scale tripods are based on
76s your player's preference for example her
78s major DPS skill brutal impact can be
81s adjusted for maximum damage or
83s additional Mobility for accuracy I
85s recommend you to test them instruction
86s training grounds before investing second
88s category is meter game skills the
90s purpose of these skills is to gain Fury
92s meter as much as possible skills like
95s spinning sword and ground smash are
97s often used along with multi-purpose
99s skills like flashblade crew appears and
101s wild stop
102s the last category is utility skills
105s Slayer has an additional Mobility skill
107s called wild Rush the skills often
109s recommended for newer players to add two
111s additional dashes for extra Mobility the
114s wild stop skill I've mentioned earlier
115s can also provide self Buffs and Synergy
117s effects based on the tripods equipped
120s the two Slayers Awakenings are execute
123s and ragna break both for really cool
125s attacks with slightly different
126s functions execute is focused towards
129s more meter gain and destruction whereas
131s Ragnar break is a pure powerful damaging
133s hit
134s every playstyle's basic skill structure
137s starts with three major DPS skills
139s equipped with one or two utility skills
141s based on the player's preference
143s different skills are added with specific
145s tripods to achieve their preferred bills
147s there are so many playstyle variations
149s you can build based on your collection
151s of runes and accessories
153s Slayer has two major class Engravings
155s predator and Punisher the Predator class
158s engraving is a beginner friendly low
160s resource requirement build where her
163s main combat stat is swiftness High
165s swiftness playstyle's major advantage is
167s low cooldowns and fast Mobility
169s accessory distribution should be focused
171s on all swiftness while the necklace
173s being Swift and crit the recommended
176s Relic equipment is Earth's entropy due
178s to almost all of our skills focusing on
180s back attacks but hallucination set also
183s works if you have trouble Landing back
185s attacks Predator class engraving will
188s lock your Z identity skill but you will
190s consistently gain Fury meter and Mana as
193s long as you're Landing your attacks with
195s increased critical damage of 40 percent
197s you will gradually lose more Fury meter
199s every fatigue stack
201s so you can't stay transport indefinitely
203s but the longer you're transformed the
206s shorter your exhaustion penalty will be
208s allowing you to transform again very
210s shortly
211s since you're automatically refreshing
214s your meter after your initial
215s transformation this build actually does
217s not need any beater gain skills
218s therefore you can add more DPS scales to
221s your kit like Fury blade final blow and
224s fatal sword this playstyle's goal is to
227s land your attacks as much as you can to
229s keep yourself transformed make sure to
231s mix in your normal attacks as well if
233s all your skills happen to be on cooldown
234s runes are often equipped with kill wins
237s Focus runes and quick recharge for
239s faster casting speed and reduced Mana
241s costs plan your rotation based on your
244s Synergy skill you have a choice between
246s using watt Stomp and flashblade for
248s Synergy pups
249s this example rotation is a beginner
252s friendly build with level 7 wild Rush
254s skill added for extra Mobility
256s flashblade Fury blade Guillotine
258s punishing draw final blow then
261s flashblade again to brutal impact and
263s volcanic eruption the skill order isn't
265s fixed but group those sets of 5 skills
268s and 3 skills both always starting with
270s flashblade for Synergy usually your
272s flashblade will come back first about
273s 0.5 to 1 second if that is the case make
276s sure you if your other DPS skills to
278s come back and cool down to use them
279s together as a combo
281s second tripod on the first row for wild
283s Rush is also a good choice to get an
285s additional burn damage to gain some
286s extra figure meter and Mana per hit
288s generally your goal is to keep Landing
290s your attacks until over 20 fatigue
292s Stacks to transform again in a very
294s short time since bosses move around and
296s teleport it is crucial to be aggressive
298s with this play style with the mobility
300s and swiftness provided
302s the next play style is based on the
304s Punisher class engraving The Punisher
306s class engraving build is a little more
308s complex due to it being a specialization
310s stat Focus class the spec combat stat
313s impacts your Fury meter game and your
315s overall damage so if you do not have
317s enough specialization combat stat meter
319s gain tripods and wealth routes you won't
321s be able to transform fast enough
323s therefore the build won't work accessory
325s distribution should be focused on all
327s specialization while the necklace has
329s spec and Swift this build's Relic gear
332s set is fixed with Earth's entropy you
334s will see higher damage numbers overall
336s but display Styles very difficult to
338s play due to slower attack animations and
341s difficult positioning the engraving
343s itself provides 25 additional damage
345s with 20 additional crit rate for the Z
348s identity bloodlust skill your goal is to
350s rotate all your major DPS skills within
353s 16 seconds of transmission time for
355s maximum damage
357s the build complexity comes from number
359s of various attribute requirements some
361s builds range anywhere from 1530 to 1830
364s spec combat stack with level 5 tripods
367s and 4 to 5 golf routes all of these
370s requirements are very difficult to
371s achieve and each player has different
373s collections of attributes if you happen
375s to not have the required tripods or
377s runes having a higher combat stat will
379s balance out the cycle rotation it is
381s very important to test out your build
383s based on your resources you have in
385s Trixie and training grounds to find
387s which combinations work for you you can
389s reference this chart to determine your
391s meter gain scale choices I've noted the
393s differences and required tripods between
395s them feel free to pause the video here
397s for reference
400s starting with the bare minimum make sure
402s your spinning sword has legendary wealth
404s runes with level 5 focused tripod onward
407s there are multiple skills that can
408s impact your meter game some give more
411s some give less with additional utility
413s for example skills like punishing strike
415s can be used for counters whereas ground
417s smash has super armor take note that
420s some skills will require more combat
422s stats to be properly effective for play
424s style variations let's go over a sample
426s build the goal of the Punisher play
428s style is to rotate all your major DPS
430s skills during transformation and by the
433s time the major DPS skills are back in
435s cooldown your goal is to get ready to
437s transform again first you need to equip
439s the three main DPS skills Guillotine
442s rotol impact and volcano eruption then
445s you have to add either flashblade or
447s wild stop as your Synergy skill make
449s sure you know that while stomp can
451s either be a Synergy skill or a meter
452s gain skill your 4 other slots can all be
455s meter gain skills as long as your
457s transformation time is faster than your
459s brutal cooldown you'll have a proper
462s build
462s all variations of display style are very
465s straightforward successfully land all
467s your meter gain skills usually starting
469s with the Synergy skill transform
471s position then land your major DPS skills
474s after your Synergy is added then repeat
476s the cycle again from the start with this
478s knowledge in mind let's talk about the
480s 1.5 cycle build this is the most popular
483s build due to its versatility and
485s Mobility due to Wild Rush addition in
487s this skill kit the key to this rotation
489s is casting spinning sword two times with
492s addition to three other meter gain
493s skills to transform quickly cooldown
496s tripod and cooldown gems are extremely
498s important here on the spinning sword
499s especially because you need to cast it
501s twice before the major DPS scales comes
504s off cooldown here are some of the
505s examples of skill sets and requirements
507s for reference remember that all these
509s existing skill Cycles are based off of
511s the fundamental thought process we just
513s talked about
514s first one is spinning sword while stomp
516s flashblade Furious claw wait for the
519s cooldowns to come back then flash blade
521s spinning sword then stomp to transform
523s this requires wall stop as meter gain
526s skill with flashblade at Synergy skill
528s since flashblade is a quick skill you
530s can use this skill to keep your
532s adrenaline stack if the engraving is
534s being used
535s second example is spinning sword while
537s stomp Furious claw ground smash wait for
540s the cooldowns to come back spinning
542s sword then while stomp again to
544s transform this uses wall stop as a
546s Synergy skill which lasts longer for
548s more comfortable play but requires a
550s little bit more specialization remember
552s there are so many variations you can
554s create it is important for everyone to
556s test and come up with their own personal
558s Cycles just remember to fit everything
560s in two spinning sword casts
563s cool thing is that spinning sword's
565s first tripod on the third row provides
568s much higher meter but a lot harder to
570s land
571s for those of you who are afraid of
573s obtaining high level tripods there are
575s Level 1 tripod meter gain skills as well
577s like Furious claw and punishing draw
579s feel free to rewind the video to go back
582s into the charts again to test out some
584s more combinations if you happen to be a
586s newer player to the game don't worry
588s there are also beginner friendly builds
590s where you're allowed to replace one DPS
592s skill with a meter gain skill you might
594s do a little bit less DPS but the value
596s is the ability to transform even if you
599s miss one of the skills completely for
601s current players and returning players
602s with larger collections I will share two
605s more cool variations that some players
606s use versus a one cycle build which
609s requires extremely high specialization
611s with all well Thrones and tripods this
614s playstyle is for people who want to
616s transform as fast as possible however
618s this build is missing Mobility skills
620s with heavy penalty if you miss your
622s skills there are no skill rotation for
625s the one cycle build you will need to try
627s to land all of your meter gain skills
628s perfectly to transform right away
631s second build is a six second cycle build
633s this build also requires extremely high
635s specialization this is the build I am
637s personally using at the moment this
639s builds key point is changing while stop
641s skill tripod into cool that tripod to
643s make the scale about 6 seconds long so
646s the next rotation of hot stop skill will
648s activate the transformation all the time
649s the rotation uses flashblade while stomp
652s Furious claw spinning sword ground Smash
655s in any order then flashblade and stomp
658s again to transform this variation can
660s utilize the short cooldown of the wild
662s Stomp and flashblade for easy adrenaline
665s stack upkeep and utilizing short
666s downtime of loud Stomps buff to offset
669s the lack of Mobility skills also if you
672s have extremely high specialization of
674s 1828 plus you can open Rune choices for
677s flashblade for bleed quick recharge or
680s cleanse runes
681s next let's talk about Engravings a
684s little bit Slayer Engravings are
686s generally set in stone you have two
687s class engraving of your choice and
689s Grudge next up we have Rey Captain it is
692s your next mandatory engraving for both
694s class builds this is due to
696s transformation providing 20 additional
698s movement speed along with the yearning
699s buff from your support and swiftness
701s combat stats this engraving is very
703s efficient for Slayer next we have master
706s of Ambush unless you're playing a
708s hallucination version of The Predator
709s build Slayer is a full back attacker
712s class that can take full advantage of
714s this Engraving your fifth and sixth
716s engraving is usually choices between
717s Crystal adrenaline and increased Mass
720s you can also take level 1 ether Predator
722s as well
723s lastly I wanted to highlight some quick
726s play tips one don't be pressured to land
728s all your attacks on the back for
730s execution rebuild meter skills don't
732s account for too much of your total DPS
734s so just focus on Landing them for meter
736s gain 2. mix in as many normal attacks as
739s possible if all skills are on cooldown
741s normal attack also provides decent
743s damage while adjusting your position a
745s little bit Predator build also provides
747s you Mana inferior meter too three don't
749s forget to use your Synergy skills first
751s before landing your major skills a lot
753s of people forget about this 4. try to
756s gain identity meter even when raid
758s bosses are in damage reduction sometimes
760s bosses are in damage reduction phase
762s through cutscenes and transformation try
764s to gather some meter at this time to get
766s ready to transform as soon as the face
768s starts
769s five some tripods can be changed to
772s sacrifice damage for comfort and
773s Mobility brutal impacts third tripod in
776s the second row adds a dash I personally
778s use this to add Mobility while
780s sacrificing a little bit of damage my
782s back attack accuracy definitely went up
784s a lot when I started using this 6. don't
787s feel pressured to start with the
788s high-end requirement builds you can work
791s your way up the damage difference is not
793s that significant it is more important to
795s test out and find the build that works
797s for you for higher performance and more
799s comfortable play
801s with that this concludes the video my
804s name is ATK and thank you Amazon games
806s and the lost star Community once again
808s for giving me this awesome opportunity
810s to talk about this cool new class good
813s luck on your adventures in arcasia
815s everyone bye bye

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