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4s yo what's up y'all sci-fi here and in
5s this video we're going to talk about
7s strongholds if you're a new player this
9s video will help you understand the
10s importance of your strong code and how
12s using it early on will help once you
13s reach level 50 and you're spending your
15s time carrying out tasks to increase your
17s item level you might already even be a
19s higher item level and not realize that
21s using your stronghold now will only help
23s you maximize your time in the in-game
25s grind so we're going to go over a basic
27s breakdown of strongholds talk about what
29s they do how you can use yours and some
31s other things that you should know as
33s always if you already know this stuff be
34s sure to share with someone who doesn't
36s but without further ado let's get
37s started
38s [Music]
43s unlocked after completing the stronghold
45s ceremony guide quest around level 25 a
48s stronghold is your own private island
49s that will serve as your base of
51s operations
52s here you'll be able to visit and take
53s advantage of useful perks like crafting
56s researching training your alternate
57s characters and complete other various
59s activities that will prove useful to
61s your lost art grind
62s it also functions as a fun cosmetic
64s feature giving you the ability to
66s customize and decorate to your liking to
68s make it your own personal space you can
70s even use it socially and have friends
72s visit for feasts
73s pressing f2 to access your sheet music
75s and playing the song of hearth and home
77s will move you to your stronghold once
79s you get here be sure to complete
81s submissions and visit your facilities
83s you'll also notice options on the bottom
85s of the screen that allow you to place
86s structures access your facilities view
89s from a further distance some in your
90s mount and more
94s once you acquire your stronghold you'll
95s immediately have access to features such
97s as accessing your lab for research or
100s sending a crew out on normal and special
101s missions but if your goal is to maximize
104s the efficiency of your base of
105s operations leveling it up will be your
107s first focus
109s leveling up your stronghold will happen
110s as you use it meaning all you need to do
112s is complete tasks such as using the
114s facilities to craft items perform
116s research even completing stronghold
118s quests can generate stronghold xp
120s the great thing is that as you level
122s you'll gain access to more research
124s which will allow you to do even more
126s such as expand your roster storage to
128s transfer more items and resources to
130s your alternate characters upgrade your
132s facilities to enable dispatching more
134s than one crew crafting higher value
136s potions and battle items and even more
139s one thing to keep in mind about carrying
141s out tasks is they will require the use
143s of action energy which you can see at
145s the bottom of the screen this is an
147s in-game resource that builds up over
148s time and is consumed as you carry out
150s actions at your strongholds such as
152s crafting tools or dispatching a naval
154s crew
155s it's worth it to make visits to your
157s stronghold a session task because you
159s can use your action energy as you
160s generate it and level up while doing so
163s [Music]
164s there are some ways you can improve the
166s efficiency of your stronghold to
168s maximize its benefits
170s first let's talk about the cosmetics
172s while it's already super fun to decorate
174s your own island some cosmetics like
176s structures will also add special effects
178s to your stronghold take for example the
180s lost ark spinning globe when equipped
183s from the manor menu this globe will add
185s the dispatch adaptation effect which
187s will increase the chances of obtaining
189s higher tier rewards from dispatch
191s missions it will also add the crafting
194s great success chance effect which is a
196s chance for you to get double the amount
197s of loot when you craft items at the
199s workshop
200s one of the ways you'll acquire
201s structures is through your workshop by
203s crafting but you can also obtain them
205s through exchange with the stronghold
206s merchant when they visit or if you're a
209s completionist for each set of
210s collectibles you gather you can obtain a
212s unique structure so next time you're out
214s there gather those makoko seeds
216s also once your stronghold has reached a
218s higher level you'll unlock even more
220s valuable improvements like farms which
222s act as a dedicated space for acquiring
225s trade skill resources like timber and
227s iron ore and more which we'll talk about
229s in later videos
232s if you're wanting to maximize your time
234s spent raising your item level to get to
236s that in-game content use of your
238s strongholds facilities will help you do
239s it in an efficient and easy way
242s now there is a lot to discuss regarding
243s the facilities you'll have access to and
245s while today we'll briefly cover some of
247s them definitely stay tuned as we dive
249s deeper into each one to access your
251s facilities click on the management icon
253s at the bottom of the screen your
254s facilities will show at the top and
256s clicking on each one will open a new
258s window where you'll have more options
260s starting with the lab you'll come here
262s to upgrade and unlock new items and
263s features for your stronghold this
265s includes new items to craft like high
267s value potions grenades you can use
269s during battle upgrades to expand your
271s roster storage reducing the time it
273s takes to research and more
275s clicking an item then research will add
277s it to the queue where you'll need to
278s wait some time before it's completed
280s keep in mind each research item will
282s require you spend action energy and use
285s materials you'll find out in arcadia
287s also some may involve spinning silver
289s and the higher level items like
290s upgrading your facilities will require
292s you spend a little gold while you'll
294s spend a large chunk of time coming to
296s the lab to check on items and collect
298s rewards your workshop is where you'll
300s spend time crafting items such as battle
302s items structures you can place around
303s your stronghold tools you can even cook
306s up meals that when eaten increase your
308s character stats you may want to start
310s using it early on to make potions and
312s battle items so you're ready by the time
314s you hit level 50. the station is the
316s next facility and this one is one of my
318s favorite because it's where you can send
320s a crew out on missions and reap the
321s rewards when they make their way back
323s home keep in mind you'll need to first
325s build a ship and hire a crew
327s ships can be unlocked by researching
329s them at the lab and hiring a crew comes
332s from completing quests exchanging at
334s trade ships trading with merchants and
336s even more
337s next is your manor
338s here is where you can equip various
340s cosmetic items like fountains that will
342s reward you with passive buffs like
344s improving your crafting or research
346s speed and more you can hover over each
348s structure to check out its perks and
350s right click it to equip it also you can
352s click the outfit tab to check out
354s outfits you can equip on npcs that you
357s have invited to your stronghold for
358s bonuses as well
360s the fifth facility is the training camp
362s and although it's locked until you hit
363s combat level 52 once unlocked you can
366s use it to train your alternate
367s characters granting them passive xp
370s it'll take some time but the great thing
372s about this feature is that your
373s alternate characters can level up while
375s you play with your main making it an
377s easy way to build up a beasty roster
380s the last facility knowledge provides you
382s with a different way to level your
384s alternate characters
385s similar to the training camp this will
387s also be locked and unlocked after you
389s complete the quest line in north fern
392s here you can spin some gold to skip the
393s grind and level your alts to level 50.
396s but in order to do so you'll need to
397s unlock the song of hearth and home with
399s your alternate character which means
401s you'll have to play through until you
402s gain access to strongholds also the
405s higher the item level being transferred
407s the more gold you'll need to pay these
409s are all the facilities however some
411s other things you'll be able to take
412s advantage of are farms trade merchants
415s and much more we'll talk about in a
416s later video
417s [Music]
420s while it will prove useful to have your
421s own private space you can travel to and
423s spend time working on carrying out tasks
425s and making effective use of your time
427s increasing your item level your
428s stronghold will also be a place you can
430s use socially to interact with friends
432s and even random players
434s one of my favorite features is being
436s able to invite friends to my stronghold
438s which i encourage you to try because you
439s can have up to 50 other players visit
441s your island and experiencing it is so
443s much fun
444s an activity i like to do for my guests
446s when they visit is have a feast when a
448s feast is served you and any friends
450s visiting can eat a delicious
452s chef-prepared meal that will grant all
454s players with powerful buffs like
456s increased health physical defense attack
458s speed and more feasts do require you to
460s spend action energy and gold but it's
462s definitely worth it another thing to
464s keep in mind is this function will be
466s locked until your stronghold reaches
468s level 10 which you'll accomplish just by
470s using it so don't worry you'll also need
472s to complete the looking for the head
474s chef side quest to unlock the chef you
476s can also visit your friends and even
478s other players strongholds have access to
480s feasts they may be having or even
482s exchange with merchants that may be
484s visiting their stronghold
487s well that's all i got for y'all today
488s but if you learned from today's video be
490s sure to head to playlockstark.com and
492s check out our lost ark academy here you
494s can learn about more mechanics and
496s features that will help you level up in
497s the best ways and master all the lost
500s stark systems features and in-game
501s content while you're doing it as always
504s you can find us on twitch twitter and
505s youtube under the username platelawstark
507s to stay up to date for all things lost
509s art but for now i'm scifi and from
512s everyone here at amazon games stay safe
514s have fun and keep gaming peace
541s you

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