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1s Welcome back to Mokoko Village.
2s I have Soomin Park, the Franchise Lead of Lost Ark, here with me today.
6s And we just got to start exploring Voldis a little bit in the prologue, and next month players are going to head to Voldis.
13s So I have him here with me to talk a little bit about what that means.
17s So first up, Soomin, what is Voldis?
21s So story wise, a long time ago, when Sacria's capital Rasamoa was destroyed by the Guardian Vaigry, the scholars were like, excommunicated from the city of Sacria and left and discovered Voldis, that is a continent filled with life's energy.
41s And in Kalinari, the city of the Sages, they built the Sage's Tower to replace the fallen Ivory Tower that they left behind in the city.
54s So these Sages, in Voldis, spent a lot of time to research and practice alchemy.
60s So Kalinari becomes a bustling city with people traveling from all corners of Arkesia to seek the knowledge and wisdoms of the Sages, as well as advanced technology utilizing alchemy.
74s So Kalinari is reminiscence of the public Garden of Babylon, blending fantasy with high tech.
82s Okay, cool.
83s So definitely a new place with a very different feel for maybe some of the other parts we've seen of Arkesia so far.
90s So including the prologue, which just recently came out, what can players expect on their journey to get to Voldis?
96s Okay, so before you can get into Voldis in December, you have to complete a series of prologue quests that starts with Madnick's Call.
106s The Guardian has awakened and Madnick needs your help to investigate.
112s So it may lead you to a place that stores all of the world's knowledge and wisdoms.
121s So because Voldis is the land of Sages, you seek your wisdom and learn about the history of Arkesia that will help you in your future adventure.
134s Okay, so there's a lot to learn before players are actually ready to face Voldis and all of the additional wisdom they'll learn from the Sages.
143s What part of the content that's coming out next month are you personally most excited about?
147s Because Voldis is the land of Sages, you will get to see a lot of cool technologies that the Sages have researched and built.
155s And Vodis has a fairly long story, on par with or exceeding like the Elgacia story.
163s So it's very exciting to see the story that will take place after Elgacia and Pleccia.
171s And there are many cutscenes and the soundtracks which I love a lot.
176s Yeah, it's really cool to hear that there's so much content and story there, you know?
182s Elgacia really felt like it was closing out kind of that first little part of the story.
187s And now with Pleccia and moving into Voldis, we're really moving right along.
191s So it's really, I'm really excited to see what's going to happen next.
195s With all that being said, how does Voldis kind of progress the next part of the story?
200s So in Voldis, players will train and get valuable like advices from the Sages that will help them, will help players fight Thaemine in the next year, in the future.
214s So more clues about the whereabouts of the Lost Ark will be revealed in the Voldis content.
222s And if the story from Elgacia to Pleccia was full of important clues for the final chapter, then this Voldis content is the beginning of the final chapter.
234s The beginning of the final chapter.
236s Final chapter...
236s one.
238s Okay!
239s Final chapter one.
241s Interesting.
241s Yeah.
242s So this is part of the chapter one story.
244s And Elgacia was the highlight of the first chapter, and the Voldis is the start, the beginning of the final chapter of chapter one.
255s The beginning of the end of the beginning.
256s I love it.
256s There is so much deep lore and story to Lost Ark.
260s It's really exciting to hear there'll be a lot more for players to continue to experience.
265s Are there any other pieces of content coming out with Voldis that players can look forward to besides just kind of the story and, you know, our favorites?
272s Sure.
274s Voldis has a new Abyssal Dungeon called Ivory Tower of Chaos.
278s The template garden in the Ivory Tower of Chaos is a four person dungeon with four gates.
286s It's actually pretty different from other Abyssal Dungeons.
289s And we'll also get new Elixir progression.
294s So players can get the new Elixir progression system; so they will get Elixir by playing the Ivory Tower of Chaos.
301s You will transmute elixir to get the effect.
304s So basically you can improve your levels and gears with that.
309s So there will be a guided quest in the game and that will help you navigate how the Elixir system works.
318s And you can get training Elixir to practice before transmuting the actual Elixirs.
327s And leveling up withthe Elixir is essential, it's essential because that is really, really important like condition to come back with Thaemine next year.
338s Soomin, thank you for joining us.
339s Players have a lot to look forward to as we kind of end 2023 with Voldis, and it leads us right into 2024 and all the content that will come out next year.
349s I'm excited, you're excited.
350s Hopefully our players are excited.
352s So this is the first time we've ever kind of sat down and done an interview with someone.
357s I had a lot of fun.
358s Players at home.
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369s Alright.
370s I'll leave you with a Community Question.
372s What part of the Voldis content are you looking forward to the most when it launches this December?
377s With that, thank you for joining us and we'll see you in Arkesia!
380s See you!